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UCC Web Chat

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UCC Web Chat 

So we recently had a web chat with the University College Cork’s school of pharmacy. In case you missed it, here it is, but in case you don’t want to click in to view it, because you’re at school or at work and you really shouldn’t be on your phone….here’s the main points to take from this web chat with this awesome Irish school. (see below the video)

1. Canadians don’t require a visa to enter Ireland.

2. After graduation, you are eligible to apply for a graduate visa to remain in Ireland and look for work.

3. Irelands degrees are internationally recognised.

4. UCC is located in Cork, the very south of Ireland. It’s known for its vibrant culture and friendly people, as well as it’s natural beauty…..National Geographic have said that some of the best walks in the world are based in Cork! WOW!

5. UCC has 19,000 students. 3,000 of them are international students!

6. UCC has over 140 clubs and societies with state of the art facilities..SO GET INVOLVED!! :)

7. Student accommodation is about 10 minutes walk from campus! Nice and close eh :) It can cost about €425 per month! It’s a lot cheaper than Dublin, trust me!!!

8. There is a wide range of restaurants and art galleries all about 10 mins walk from the city centre. You’ll never be bored, I promise!

Now, lets get to learn about the School of Pharmacy!

9. They offer both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.

10. The school of pharmacy opened its doors in 2003.

11. The school has been very successful since opening. They have achieved over €40 million in research funding.

12. They are ranked in the top 50 pharmacy schools in the world by QS World Rankings.

13. The MPharm program is a patient focus degree. It allows direct entry to the register of pharmaceutical chemists in Ireland.

14. The degree is mapped to the core competency framework for pharmacist which is an international standard of competency behaviours which allows the degree to be transferrable. The degree is recognised throughout Europe and by Canadian boards to allow students to go back to Canada to work! Well, that’s nice to know isn’t it :)

15. Students will graduate fit for purpose and fit for a diverse range of roles within the pharmacy industry!

16. The school of pharmacy is research led teaching. What this means is; all staff in the school are research active so you are exposed to their individual fields, giving you an even broader view of the industry!!!!

17. Students study for 5 years on the MPharm program and you will have a placement in 2nd year, 3rd year, 4th year and 5th year, giving you a lot of practical experience!

18. You take 60 credits each year until the final year where you will take 90 credits. 60 taught and 30 for a research project.

19. Scholarships are available for academic achievements and early registration! SO get applying EARLY!!!!!


Want to study in Pharmacy at UCC? Got a question, give us a call! 

Toll Free: (877) 318-8203

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