University of Gloucestershire – ‘Make It’ campaign

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University of Gloucestershire’s Business School – The ‘Make It’ campaign

University of Gloucestershire
University of Gloucestershire

The ‘Make It’ campaign is a new program of real-world experience within the University of Gloucestershire’s Bachelor’s courses, designed to improve the employability of their business students when they graduate.

The Dean of the Business School describes Make It as a means of: getting our students engaged with business and all the joys that gives them… It’s no good just giving students book learning, they’ve got to know how to apply it. Make It is our way they engage with the corporate, engage with an entrepreneur, engage with the consultants and engage internationally and all that experience, together with the learning that we give them makes them career ready students.

This campaign has been proven to work as the University of Gloucestershire boasts being in the top 15 of all Universities in the UK for graduate job prospects. Many employers prefer business graduates to have a balance of academic knowledge and a practical perspective and this is why the Make It campaign works as well as expected.

Here’s what you can expect from the Make It program:

  • Spending time with an entrepreneur.
  • Working with a corporate firm.
  • Lectures from leading international brands and business figures including Dan Germaine, Head of Creative at Innocent Drinks, Luke Johnson, famous for his rapid expansion of Pizza Express.
  • Seminars and collaborations with industry figures

For more information about the University of Gloucestershire and the amazing courses and opportunities it has to offer, click here.

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