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University of Adelaide Lab Launches Students Into Financial Markets

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University of Adelaide Lab Launches Students Into Financial MarketsThe University of Adelaide’s new Financial Markets Lab will give students real-world experience of working in today’s financial markets.

Located in the University’s Nexus 10 building, corner of North Terrace and Pulteney Street, the lab will be used by a wide range of students from the University’s Adelaide Business School.

“The new Financial Markets Lab will provide real-world benefit to students taking business and finance courses,” says Dr Syed Ali, Director, Financial Markets Lab, Adelaide Business School, University of Adelaide.

“Students will use industry-standard financial database and statistical analytic software in the lab, which will give them access to information about companies and industry sectors and allow them to analyse these investments.

“Information including financial statements, earnings announcements, analysts’ forecasts and financial news will help students absorb key learning concepts about how domestic and international financial markets operate,” says Dr Ali.

The lab provides a learning environment for up to 48 students at any one time including access to the Thomson Reuters Eikon financial database.

‘With the experience gained from the real-world environment of the lab, students will be equipped with industry-related skills that will make them more attractive to future employers,” says Dr Ali.

Undergraduates and postgraduates as well as students undertaking research and MBAs will use the lab.

The Financial Markets Lab has been opened by the Hon. Rob Lucas MLC, South Australian Treasurer.

“Employers need high quality graduates to give their businesses an advantage in today’s highly competitive world,” says the Hon. Rob Lucas.
“The Financial Markets Lab will supply the business world of the future with a continuous supply of highly talented students well-equipped to embark on successful careers and ‘leave their mark’ on the world.”

Image: Students JiaJia Lyu (Masters of Accounting and Finance) and Nick Otasevic (Bachelor of Commerce, Accounting and Finance) with Dr Syed Ali in the Financial Markets Lab. (University of Adelaide)

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