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University of Dundee – Canadian law student interview

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Today, we thought we would highlight University of Dundee

Located on the east coast of Scotland around 60 miles north of Edinburgh, the city of Dundee enjoys stunning views over the banks of the River Tay. While at Dundee you can immerse yourself in Scottish culture and explore the scenic beauty of Scotland. Mountains, lochs and glens are all within easy reach, and the rest of the UK is also highly accessible, even without a car. If that’s not enough, you’ll only be a short flight away from mainland Europe too.

Founded in 1881, Dundee is a traditional university with a world class reputation in areas ranging from education to politics to psychology and medicine.  University of Dundee is the only Scottish University which offers both English and Scots law, making it easier for you to practice back in Canada.

Did you know that University of Dundee offers a one year teacher training program?   As well, students can study an Accelerated two year LLB English Law program. 


Here is a graduate profile from a Canadian who studied law at University of Dundee.  Scott is from Canada, where he attended Acadia University.  He graduated in Accelerated LLB  English Law. 

Why did you choose to study at Dundee University?

After completing my first degree in Canada, I spent time travelling throughout Europe and I was particularly enamoured with Scotland. When I decided to study English Law, I was thrilled that I was able to do so in Scotland at the University of Dundee. The School of Law has a great reputation – largely due to the research and expertise of the faculty – which is reflected in the consistently high rankings earned year after year. The decision to study here was any easy choice.

What is the best thing about your course and why?

A law student can easily feel frozen in time. Nevertheless, centuries-old judgments play a role in how we deal with problems today. Much needed perspective and context is garnered from lectures which focus on major problems that we are currently experiencing such as climate change and economic crises. The School makes great strides in bringing the law out of the books and it is a strategy that is both effective and engaging.

What information do you think applicants need to know before starting this course?

The course is like many courses: you get out what you put in. Focus and take advantage of the wealth of knowledge that is available through your library, your lecturers and your peers. Whether you choose to pursue a career in legal practice, business or academia you will likely find that your legal knowledge will have positive spill over effects that are well worth the effort.

What was your experience of settling into life in Dundee when you first arrived?

After spending a few hours in Dundee, it is obvious that the University is at the heart of the city. The vibrancy of student life is felt well beyond the confines of the campus. There is a diversity of accents and faces that proves the University’s global reach. I feel fortunate to be within short travel time to many historical sites and, as an avid golfer, the proximity to world-renowned golf links is an added bonus.

How easy did you find it to settle into the UK as a whole?  What was different if compared to your home country?

Hailing from a relatively ‘new’ country, living in the UK gives perspective; the sense of history, culture and tradition is palpable. From cobblestone streets to lovely sandstone buildings, those that embrace change will be pleased with their stay in Scotland. While holding great pride for the past, it is clear to newcomers there is great emphasis on the future.  The environment is of great concern to Scotland and the committed efforts to be a global leader on the climate change front is admirable.

What has been your best university experience to date and why?

Strangely enough, one of my best experiences to date relates to the potential move of the Law Library, a topic which provokes strong reaction among many law students. I was pleasantly surprised by the willingness to consult students and faculty and the University’s respect for the opinions of its students both on the move itself and the design of the proposed site for relocation. It is evident that both the School of Law and the University hold student interests as their primary concern.

Do you have any advice for potential new students?

Embrace student life in Dundee, but make sure you branch out and see all that Scotland has to offer.


Want more information on studying in Scotland at University of Dundee?  Want more information on studying law in the UK?  Contact KOM Consultants, the Canadian International Education representative.  We can assist you with applications to UK universities including University of Dundee, Robert Gordon University, Bangor University and Bournemouth University.