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University of Sydney – Master of Speech Language Pathology

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In honour of National Speech & Hearing Awareness month, KOM highlights University of Sydney and the Master of Speech Language Pathology program.
University of Sydney is just one of six Australian universities that offer Australian Speech Pathology programs in Australia.

The Master of Speech Language Pathology program at University of Sydney starts in March and is two years in length. The application deadline for the March 2014 intake is October31st.  Students must have obtained an undergraduate degree with prior studies in linguistics and phonetics.   

The Master of Speech Language Pathology (MSLP) at University of Sydney prepares graduates for professional practice as speech pathologists.

Speech pathologists work with children and adults with communication difficulties, including problems with speaking, comprehension, reading, writing, voice problems and stuttering. Speech pathologists also work with children and adults who have swallowing difficulties or need alternative ways to communicate.

The curriculum for the MSLP has been designed to enable students to learn in a way that resembles the clinical practice of speech pathology. Case-based learning and clinical placements help students acquire the skills necessary to qualify and practise as speech pathologists in Australia.

The course is a graduate-entry program (students are required to have completed an undergraduate degree prior to entry), however the MSLP is designed to accommodate all suitably qualified candidates regardless of their previous discipline.

As the course leads to eligibility to practise, students will be assisted in achieving prescribed professional competencies through practical and theoretical skill acquisition and clinical fieldwork placements. Clinical placements are undertaken in both the public and private sectors. Students will have the opportunity to develop an understanding of the career path they have chosen, and its place in the contemporary health system.

The pace of work in the MSLP is commensurate with the expectations of postgraduate study, as is the level and complexity of the issues dealt with in the degree, including research project design.

This program is accredited by Speech Pathology Australia. Graduates are eligible for practising membership of the association, which is a requirement to work as a speech pathologist in Australia. (

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