University Updates on Australian Bushfires

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Australia's Bushfires
Here’s updates from various Universities in Australia on how they’re impacted by the Bushfires.

Griffith University

Whilst bushfires continue to impact parts of Australia, at present there is no bushfire threat in South East Queensland where Griffith’s five campuses are located.

University of Canberra

Fortunately, Canberra has not been directly affected by the current bushfires. While we have experienced a short term decline in air quality as a result of smoke from the New South Wales fires, this has now dramatically improved (though it is possible that this may fluctuate over the coming weeks) and UC is back to business as usual. The welfare of our students is always our primary consideration and we will continue to actively monitor the bushfire situation and provide relevant updates, advice, and support as applicable.

La Trobe University

We are fortunate that, due to the location of the fires, all La Trobe campuses remain open. We will continue to monitor local conditions across our campus network.

La Trobe has well-established emergency evacuation procedures and actively monitors Emergency Services warnings. We are also available daily on campus if students have concerns or questions about the bushfires while staying with us.

All incoming students will receive specific information to ensure they are prepared (if required) to:

  • manage health concerns about air quality
  • avoid travel to bushfire affected or high-risk areas
  • keep up-to-date with Emergency Services warnings

University of Sydney

Please ensure students are informed that the situation in Sydney is fundamentally safe. Our main campus in Camperdown/ Darlington is located in the centre of Sydney and is not under any threat from the fires that are in rural and regional parts of the country.

All university classes will commence as planned and there are no interruptions to our semester dates. There is no need to delay any travel or seek alternative accommodation arrangements in Sydney.

Smoke haze from the fires has reached Sydney on some days and this has affected the air quality on those days. However, the air quality in Sydney overall remains good and will return to excellent quality once the fires cease. Students with pre-existing respiratory conditions are advised to take the usual care and precautions to look after themselves.

Seasonal bushfires in summer are not unusual in Australia’s rural areas, however this season has been unprecedented in scale and damage. We hope it won’t be long before conditions improve and bring relief to impacted communities.

Deakin University

We would like to reassure all of our partners that Deakin University has not been directly affected by this crisis. Our campuses and communities are safe and not located in the areas where the fire activity is ongoing, and therefore the University is still open for enrolment and operating as normal.

Any Deakin-led field trips located off-campus will be assessed and modified if required, according to advice issued by Vic Emergency. The Vic Emergency website is a useful resource you can refer to for any updates regarding the current situation.

We will continue to keep our students well informed throughout the bushfire season.

Western Sydney University

Western Sydney University is deeply connected to its local communities, and has campuses across Western Sydney which may be vulnerable during the intense Australian summer, particularly Hawkesbury, Penrith and Campbelltown campuses. We would like to take this opportunity to assure you that there is no immediate threat to any of our campuses or university accommodation sites.

Our Liverpool, Parramatta, Sydney CBD and Bankstown Campuses are not in bushfire prone areas. However, a number of campuses have occasionally been impacted by smoke and poor visibility and students and staff have been advised to minimise travel and time outdoors on those days.

The Rural Fire Service website is the best source for up-to-date information about Australian bushfires. We will keep students updated via email, SMS, social media and our website with any changes to campus operations and provisions.

Flinders University

You have may seen or heard about the bushfires that continue to impact parts of Australia, whilst this a terrible environmental disaster we can confirm that Flinders University and the vast metropolitan area surrounding it remains unaffected.

The most affected areas are in the eastern states of the country, primarily in New South Wales and Victoria, home to the cities of Sydney and Melbourne. We would like to encourage your students to seek the most up-to-date information prior to their departure to Australia, if they are stopping in these cities as they make their way to Adelaide.

Macquarie University

You may be wondering if the bushfires have an impact on our University campus in Sydney.  Please be assured that the campus is already open and students and staff have returned to work after the Christmas break.  There can sometimes be smoke haze in the air, but there is no threat to the campus or indeed to the city of Sydney.  The haze clears and builds up depending on the direction of the wind and of course we are all hoping rain will come soon to end this crisis.

Bond University

Thank you for your well wishes regarding the bushfires.  We are fortunate that Bond University and the surrounding areas have not been affected by the fires.


If students have any concerns, we would encourage them to seek the most up to date information prior to departure. Information can be found here.

Whilst there has been some smoke haze in Melbourne, this has improved and current Air Quality in Melbourne City, Brunswick and Bundoora is rated as Good. Students can check Melbourne’s most up to date information on air quality here.