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Western Sydney University Lecturer Reaches For The Stars

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Western Sydney University Lecturer Reaches For The Stars
Dr Ragbir Bhathal receiving the 2017 NSW Community Outreach to Physics Award by the Australian Institute of Physics (AIP). Photo: Australian Institute of Physics NSW

A Western Sydney University academic has been recognised for his work in astronomy, extra-terrestrial (ET) intelligence and physics, with an induction into one of the world’s oldest and most prestigious international scientific societies.

Dr Ragbir Bhathal from the University’s School of Computing, Engineering and Mathematics has been elected a Fellow of  the London Royal Astronomical Society.

The fellowship highlights Dr Bhathal’s active role in the field of astronomy, astrophysics and physics, including his outstanding contributions through his books Under the Southern Cross, which was awarded the C J Dennis Award for excellence in natural history writing; Australian Astronomer, John Tebbutt: the life and work of the 19th Century Astronomer on the $100 Note; and the much acclaimed Mount Stromlo: From Bush Observatory to the Noble Prize. In 2017, he was awarded the Australian Institute of Physics Award for Outstanding Achievements in Community Outreach in Physics.

Vice-Chancellor and President, Professor Barney Glover, has congratulated Dr Bhathal on his latest accolade. “Western Sydney University is proud to have Dr Bhathal as a Lecturer. His work is an inspiration for  future astronomers and engineers and establishes Western Sydney University as an epicentre for science and astronomy,” said Professor Glover.

Dr Bhathal said it is a great honour to be made a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society – one of the oldest and most influential scientific societies in England and Europe.

“The Society has a very active program in astrophysics education and research and I hope this fellowship raises the profile of Western Sydney University’s work in this area internationally,” said Dr Bhathal.


Dr Bhathal’s awards:

  • The Bicentennial (1988) Royal Society of NSW Medal for services to science.
  • The CJ Dennis Award (1991) for excellence in natural history writing.
  • The Nancy Keesing Fellowship (1996), awarded by the State Library of NSW.
  • The Australian Government’s Office of Learning and Teaching 2014 Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning.
  • The British Commonwealth Scholarship (1965).

Source Article: Western Sydney University