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Where’s Matt?

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Where’s Matt?


 Is he climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge?

sydney bridge

Maybe he is at the Sydney Taronga Zoo?

Targona Zoo

Or is he touring Macquarie’s campus?

Macquarie on campu


Matthew Price is our professional program specialist in the KOM Consultants Office.

He is currently in Australia visiting universities, including Macquarie University in Sydney Australia.  We are excited upon his return to get great information about what Macquarie University has to offer, as well as study abroad options.

Stay tuned for a blog on Matt’s experience in Australia.

Do you know that every staff member of the KOM team has visited Australia at least once while working at KOM?!  We love it and our clients love it as well to get first hand information on Australia and the universities.

Contact KOM today for more information on studying abroad in Australia or the UK.




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