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Have you considered a Scottish University?

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Why Study in Scotland?

Scotland is often called “the best small country in the world”.  Unspoilt countryside, vibrant cities and one of the most respected education systems in the world. 

KOM is proud to offer two Scottish Universities:

University of Dundee, located on the east coast of Scotland around 60 miles north of Edinburgh
Robert Gordon University, located in Aberdeen, on the North East coast of Scotland.

Here are some highlights of why you should study in Scotland:

Scottish Academic Excellence:
• Scotland has a tradition of excellence with over 500 years experience of higher education
• Internationally recognized qualifications
• All higher education institutions undergo rigorous quality assessment (QAA)
• The Scottish education system was the model for both the American and French systems

Financial Benefits:
• International students can usually work up to 20 hours a week part-time while they study
• University Scholarships available, including the SALTIRE scholarship (through the Scottish government)
• On average the cost of living in Scotland is lower than England or Australia

• Scots are known for their warmth and sense of humour
• Scotland has been welcoming students from all over the globe into its world class universities for centuries
• Modern Scotland is a cosmopolitan and inclusive society
• Scotland makes a vibrant, contemporary contribution to the artistic
• Scotland’s culture is expressed in its musical traditions
• Some of the finest produce in the UK comes from Scotland, such as seafood, meat, poultry, cheese and whisky.
• Traditions have been handed down for close to a thousand years, since the earliest days of the clans in the 12th century. Scottish traditions are vibrant, living things, constantly growing and evolving.

Quality of Life
• Survey after survey confirms Scotland as having one of the highest qualities of life in Europe.
• Scotland’s diverse and beautiful countryside offers something for everyone from extreme sports enthusiasts to mountain, forest and beach walks for nature lovers.
• Despite what you may think there is only ever 1 or 2 degrees difference in temperature between Scotland and the South of England.

• Scotland’s mainland shares a border with England to the south. It is home to almost 800 small islands
• Excellent road, rail and air services provide fast and efficient travel throughout the UK
• Four international airports offer regular, direct flights to Europe and North America


Maybe it’s time to consider to Scotland for your international studies.  For more details on studying in Scotland, contact KOM Consultants, your Canadian education representative.