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Why study Physiotherapy at Robert Gordon University in Scotland?

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Join an online information session with RGU to learn about Robert Gordon University’s School of Physiotherapy:

  •  EVENT:  Free live online live information session with RGU School of Physiotherapy
  • DATE:  Wednesday 4 June 2014
  • TIME:  4pm (Ontario)
  • PRESENTER:  Julie Jones, Physiotherapy Lecturer 

This webinar will include topics in:

  • Physiotherapy School program details
  • University details
  • Entry requirements
  • Application procedures
  • Important dates and deadlines
  • Location
  • Finances


And then tune back in the day and time of event to participate.


Why Study Health Professions at Robert Gordon University?

Robert Gordon University, located in Aberdeen Scotland, offers a Master of Physiotherapy (Pre-registration) program.

This graduate-entry Physiotherapy program is two years in length and starts in January.  RGU is now accepting applications for the January 2015.

RGU is proud to announce that there are roughly 24-26 spots set aside for International Students which includes mostly Canadian and American.  This allows the cohort to be roughly 50% international students / 50% home students.


With inter-professional working ever more important, RGU’s strong focus in this area is a big ‘plus’ post-graduation.

Female radiography student Robert Gordon University promotes hands-on, practical, patient-centred training that leads to professional registration through our undergraduate courses and high quality care.

RGU is responsive to health and social care policy, also providing a service to the local community while training – for example through local volunteer patients.

Health Profession Students be taught by experienced practitioner staff at RGU  who are also active researchers in their field. Strong links with practice colleagues ensure up-to-date courses that equip our graduates to enter the workplace with specific skills attractive to domestic and international markets. You’ll also learn transferable skills in communication and team working.

Professional placements throughout many courses start as early as year one – earlier than at some other universities. This allows students to start putting theory into practice as soon as possible.

Robert Gordon has a School of Physiotherapy within the Health Professions area of study.  The Master of Physiotherapy is very a popular Physiotherapy program of study in the UK with North American students.

Many courses are based in our new Faculty of Health & Social Care building.

This contains state-of-the-art technology and specialist facilities including a Clinical Skills Centre, Pharmaceutical Care Centre, Human Performance Lab and Digital X-ray suite.  Well-equipped IT facilities include wireless access for all.

 The Clinical Skills Centre

The Clinical Skills Centre in the Faculty of Health and Social Care is a purpose built, state of the art teaching and training facility. It provides health care students and professionals with a realistic and safe environment to practise their clinical skills.

The Clinical Skills Centre is equipped with state of the art digital  media equipment (SMOTS) and a wide variety of mannequins and training  models including; Sim man, Paediatric Hal and Noelle birthing mannequin. The Clinical Skills Centre comprises:

The two practical Physiotherapy Rooms replicate an outpatient physiotherapy department.

Each room has 12 plinths, chairs and hand tables. Students can practise their assessment and treatment skills here either on each other or a volunteer patient with the advantage of SMOTS cameras to record their practise, encouraging self evaluation of skills and learning.


KOM Consultants is the Canadian Application Centre for Robert Gordon University.

Contact KOM Consultants for more information on:

Check out the Curtin Physiotherapy School webinar taking place the following night, Thursday 5 June 2014 @ 8pm.  Register for Curtin’s webinar now.