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Why You Should Study Abroad

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Why You Should Study Abroad 


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I’ll start with a little introduction of myself: Hailing from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, I am currently a second year dental student studying at the University of Adelaide in Adelaide, South Australia. The past year and a half that I’ve been here has been one of the most exciting, challenging, and enjoyable times of my life. Before coming over to Australia in February 2014, I had very little idea what to expect, and I was admittedly nervous, yet thrilled for what lied ahead. Armed with little more than two suitcases, I hopped on a one way plane along with my lovely mom, and set on a journey that has been nothing but unforgettable thus far.


Adelaide is a very friendly, welcoming city and I was able to quickly adapt to the city’s vibrant lifestyle and feel. It was Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 10.30.57comforting to have my mom help me settle in for the first two weeks, but after that, I was on my own. Despite doing minimal chores and rarely cooking at home, I was able to pick up all the tasks I needed to survive (barely!). It did help that I lived in the heart of the city, just across the street from Adelaide’s city centre: Rundle Mall. For those of you who enjoy shopping, this is the premier spot for all your wants and needs. It even has many spectacular visual landmarks such as “Mall’s Balls” and the 748-panel, solar-powered Rundle Lantern. Adelaide is also in close proximity to Barossa Valley, home to some of Australia’s finest vineyards and wineries.


Adelaide is probably the most convenient of all Australian major cities. Most students live within the city centre, which means getting anywhere only requires a short walk. Need to get to uni? 10 minute walk. Groceries? 5 minute walk. Shopping? 5 minute walk. Restaurants or cafes? Check across the street! This city is constantly bustling with life and there is certainly no shortage of events or places to visit. You certainly will enjoy the festival season in this city (February-April), with an unbelievable number of festivals attracting performers and tourists from all around the globe. During this time, the city really dials up a notch and seemingly never sleeps.


On top of all the festivals, performances, and events in the city, Adelaide also offers a vast range of activities elsewhere, Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 10.31.26including beaches, trails, and national parks nearby. One of my favourite beaches to go to is Glenelg beach, which is popular amongst tourists and locals alike. Halfway through my first year here, I also went on a camping trip in the mountain ranges known as Flinders Ranges. It was a trip unlike one at home, with much different scenery and activities during the trip. The unquestionable highlight of this trip was when a friend of mine hunted a kangaroo (legally!) and roasted it for dinner. I’ve never felt more Australian in my life.


Dental School

Of course, it wouldn’t be called “studying” abroad, if there wasn’t any studying being done. My dental school experience at the University of Adelaide has been stimulating, yet gratifying. First year was largely an introductory phase, getting us accustomed to the unique life and rigours of dental school. This year, however, has been much more involved and compelling. We have up to 12 hours of hands-on practice each week between the dental simulation lab (where we practice on manikins), and the clinics in the Adelaide Dental Hospital (where we practice on fellow students). I am proud to say that my manual dexterity and ability to handle and manoeuvre a dental drill has definitely improved since the beginning of the year! We also have about 2-3 lectures per day, with topics ranging from general biology, to radiography, to embryology and restorative dentistry. Every course concept ties back to an aspect of dentistry, which may not be obvious at first, but will definitely be relatable in the future.


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All in all, I would highly recommend anyone who is considering studying abroad to make the leap across the pond, as it has been an amazing and delightful journey for me so far.


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