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College of the North Atlantic Articulation


Centennial College Program of StudyDuration of College ProgramGriffith Degree/CampusCredit AwardedCompletion Time at GriffithSemester of Entry to Griffith
Aircraft Maintenance Engineering2 YearsBachelor of Aviation Management120CP3 SemestersFebruaryAPPLY NOW
Business Administration – General2 YearsBachelor of Business160CP2 SemestersFeb/JulyAPPLY NOW
Business Administration – Human Resource Mangement2 YearsBachelor of Business160CP2 SemestersFeb/JulyAPPLY NOW
Business Administration – Marketing2 YearsBachelor of Business160CP2 SemestersFeb/JulyAPPLY NOW
Business Management3 YearsBachelor of Business160CP2 SemestersFeb/JulyAPPLY NOW
Business Management – Human Resource3 YearsBachelor of Business160CP2 SemestersFeb/JulyAPPLY NOW
Community Studies2 YearsBachelor of Humam Services120CP3 SemestersFeb/JulyAPPLY NOW
Computer Systems and Networking3 YearsBachelor of Information Technology160CP2 SemestersFeb/JulyAPPLY NOW
Early Childhood Education2 YearsBachelor of Arts in Education160CP2 SemestersFeb/JulyAPPLY NOW
Hospitality Tourism Management2 Years

Bachelor of Business (Hotel, Tourism, Event, Real Estate and Property and Sport)

120CP3 SemestersFeb/JulyAPPLY NOW
Electrical Engineering Technology – Power3 YearsBachelor of Engineering100CP6 SemestersFeb/JulyAPPLY NOW
Electrical Engineering3 YearsBachelor of Engineering160CP4 SemestersFeb/JulyAPPLY NOW
Instrumentation and Controls Engineering Technology3 YearsBachelor of Engineering110CP6 SemestersFeb/JulyAPPLY NOW
Mechanical Engineering3 YearsBachelor of Engineering160CP4 SemestersFebruary onlyAPPLY NOW
Telecommunications Engineering Technology/Bachelor of Engineering (Electronic and Computer Engineering)3 YearsBachelor of Engineering160CP4 SemestersFeb/JulyAPPLY NOW
Architectural Engineering3 YearsBachelor of Environmental Design100CP6 SemestersFeb/JulyAPPLY NOW
Environmental Technology3 YearsBachelor of Science (Environment)160CP2 SemestersFeb/JulyAPPLY NOW
Environmental Technology3 YearsBachelor of Science (Environment)160CP2 SemestersFeb/JulyAPPLY NOW
Fish and Wildlife Technician2 YearsBachelor of Science (Ecology & Conservation Biology)120CP3 SemestersFeb/JulyAPPLY NOW
Graphic Design2 YearsBachelor of Digtal Media120CP3 SemestersFeb/JulyAPPLY NOW
Journalism2 YearsBachelor of Journalism120CP3 SemestersFeb/JulyAPPLY NOW
Programmer Analyst Business3 YearsBachelor of Information Technology160CP2 SemestersFeb/JulyAPPLY NOW

Last updated: January 9, 2015