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Griffith University School of Criminology in Australia

KOM Consultants are the official Canadian representatives and application centre for Griffith University. Canadian applications to this school are submitted via KOM Consultants.

The School of Criminology and Criminal Justice at Griffith University is recognized as Australia’s leading criminology school, and amongst the top ten criminology schools in the world. First established in 1991, the School has grown to include over 35 academic staff, making it the largest criminology school in the country.

At Griffith, criminology is a multidisciplinary field of study, drawing upon psychology, sociology, law, social work, criminology and criminal justice, history, and political science. Students will learn from top international criminologists who’ve come from around the world to teach at Griffith University in Australia.

Griffith’s undergraduate criminology and criminal justice degree is the only one in Queensland, Australia backed by ‘at world-standard’ research. That knowledge feeds into the most up-to-date study content, giving students the best skills for an employment edge.

Griffith’s staff is outstanding teachers and scholars. Their service to students, the practitioner community and scholarship has been recognized both locally and internationally, with many of Griffith’s staff considered international leaders in their field.

They are also renowned for the research they undertake. With experts in fields such as crime analysis, policing, restorative justice, forensic psychology and much more Griffith can offer you expert knowledge based on the cutting edge research currently being undertaken by our staff.

Students also have the option to combine their criminology degree with a complementary degree in law, human services, psychology and/or forensic science.