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Fleming College Articulations

Fleming College ProgramIT Carlow Undergraduate ProgramStage of EntryDuration
Business (Diploma)BB Business ManagementYear 31 Year
BB International Business
Business – Human Resources (Diploma)BB International BusinessYear 31 Year
Business – Accounting (Diploma)BB (Hons) Finance & AccountingYear 32 Years
Business Administration – Accounting (Advanced Diploma)BB (Hons) Finance & AccountingYear 41 Year
Business Administration (Advanced Diploma)BB (Hons) Business ManagementYear 41 Year
BB (Hons) International Business
Business Administration – Marketing (Advanced Diploma)BB (Hons) MarketingYear 41 Year
Business Administration – HRM (Advanced Diploma)BB (Hons) Human Resource ManagementYear 41 Year

* 60% GPA minimum required for any of these courses

Last updated: March 2, 2022