Fanshawe College Articulations


Fanshawe College ProgramIT Sligo ProgramDurationFurther Study Progression
Architectural Technology (Advanced Diploma)BSc (Hon) in Construction Project Management1 Year (F/T) OR
2 Years (On-Line)
MSc in Project Management.
3 Years (On-Line)
Civil Engineering Technology (Advanced Diploma)
Construction Engineering Technology (Advanced Diploma)
Recreation & Leisure Services (Diploma)BB in Applied Sport with Business1 Year (F/T)Bachelor of Business (Hon) with Sport
1 Year (F/T) or 2 Years (On-Line)
Science Lab Technology (Advanced Diploma)BSc (Hon) in Pharmaceutical Science with Drug Development1 Year (F/T)
Environmental Lab Technology (Advanced Diploma)BSc (Hon) in Environmental Science1 Year (F/T) OR
2 Years (On-Line)
MSc in Environmental Health & Safety Management
2 Years (P/T).
Early Childhood Education (Diploma)BA (Hon) in Early Childhood Care & Education2 Years (F/T)MA in Leadership in Early Childhood Care & Education
2 Years (P/T).
Theatre Arts – Technical Production (Diploma)BA in Performing Arts (Theatre Design)1 Year (F/T)MA in Creative Practice
BA (Hon) in Performing Arts (Theatre Design)2 Years (F/T)
Theatre Arts – Performance (Diploma)BA in Performing Arts (Acting)1 Year (F/T)MA in Creative Practice
BA (Hon) in Performing Arts (Acting)2 Years (F/T)
General Arts & Science (Diploma)BA (Hon) – Sociology & Politics2 Years (F/T)MA in Social Care & Social Justice
2 Years (P/T)
BA (Hon) – English & PsychologyMA in Leadership & Advocacy in Early Years
2 Years (P/T).

Last updated: January 10, 2022