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Loyalist College Articulations

Canadian School QualificationIT Tralee Degree Path
Animation (3 yr) Advanced DiplomaBachelor of Arts (Honours) in Animation, Visual Effects and Motion Design (Year 4)
Business Administration ( 3yr) Advanced DiplomaBachelor of Business Studies (Honours) – Accounting (Year 4)
Bachelor of Business Studies (Honours) – Management (Year 4)
Culinary Management (2 yr) DiplomaBachelor of Arts in Culinary Arts (Year 3)
Early Childhood Education (2 yr) DiplomaBachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Care and Education (Year 3)
Fitness & Health Promotion (2 yr) DiplomaBachelor of Science in Health and Leisure (Year 3)
Manufacturing Engineering Technician (2 yr) DiplomaBachelor of Engineering in Manufacturing and Mechatronic Engineering (Year 3)

Last updated: October 24, 2019