Humber College Articulations


Humber College ProgramUniversity of Gloucestershire Undergraduate ProgramStage of EntryDuration
Theatre Performance (Advanced Diploma)BA (Hons) Performing ArtsYear 31 Year
BA (Hons) Drama
Game Programming (Advanced Diploma)BSc (Hons) Computer Games DesignYear 31 Year
Graphic Design (Advanced Diploma)BSc (Hons) Graphic DesignYear 31 Year
* BSc (Hons) Visual Communication
3D Animation Art & Design (Advanced Diploma)BA (Hons) AnimationYear 31 Year
Photography (Diploma)BA (Hons) PhotographyYear 22 Years
BA (Hons) Photography: Editorial and Advertising
Advertising and Graphic Design (Diploma)BA (Hons) AdvertisingYear 22 Years
BA (Hons) Graphic Design
Computer Programmer (Diploma)BSc (Hons) ComputingYear 22 Year
Any Humber qualificationLaw LLB (Hons)Year 13 years

* BA (Hons) Visual Communications pathway: applicants to this course will need to work with Course Leader to select modules appropriate to their skillset and prior study; specialized modules may not be open to students with no prior experience, e.g. fashion or interior design.

Humber College ProgramUniversity of Gloucestershire postgraduate ProgramStage of EntryDuration
Public Relations (Graduate Certificate)MA Communications, PR & Media (Master’s Stage)Year 41 Year
Professional Writing and Communications (Graduate Certificate)MA Creative & Critical Writing (Masters stage)Year 41 Year
Creative Writing (Graduate Certificate)

Last updated: June 20, 2023