Graduate Entry Audiology Schools in Australia & Ireland

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Audiology programs in Australia and Ireland are offered at the graduate level.

Audiology is a branch of science that studies hearing, balance, and related disorders.  Audiologists treat those with hearing loss and proactively prevent related damage.  In addition to diagnosing audiologic and vestibular pathologies, audiologists can also specialize in rehabilitation of tinnitus, misophonia, auditory processing disorders, cochlear implant use and/or hearing aid use.  Audiologists can provide hearing health care from birth to end of life.

Audiology programs are delivered at a postgraduate level.  Students may apply once they have a completed university degree. While not always a requirement, it is recommend that your undergraduate degree be in related field (i.e. health sciences or social sciences).  Also, know that these programs may require supplementary applications with mandatory fees when applying, as well as an interview.

An Audiologist must be registered to work in the following Canadian Provinces only: Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec, Manitoba, Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia.  It is the student’s responsibility to contact their local credentialing body for reentry pathways.  The Canadian Alliance of Audiology and Speech Pathology Regulators (CAASPR) is the national certification body for the audiology profession in Canada. Upon returning, students must go through an evaluation procedure with the CAASPR.

All students interested in Audiology should contact KOM Consultants for full details on application processes.

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