Business Schools in Australia & the UK


Studying Business in Australia or the United Kingdom will bring with it enormous advantages. Having completed practical and theoretical training on an international stage will certainly be looked upon as an asset in whatever Business field you wish to seek employment. In today’s global economy your international experience and training will set you apart from all others.

Business pathways at our universities include: Accounting, Banking and Finance, Commerce, Economics, Financial Planning, Business Management, Human Resource Management, Information Systems, Logistics, Marketing, International Business, International Relations, Asian Studies and Politics, Tourism, Event, Real Estate, Property and Sport Management.

Undergraduate Business

Undergraduate programs are generally six semesters in duration. Admission requirements are high school graduation with an acceptable grade point average. The college student may also enter undergraduate Business programs with generous advanced standing and may convert diploma to degree in as little as one year.  For more information on college articulation, click here.

Postgraduate Business

Our universities offer many postgraduate Business programs that meet emerging industry demands. Your choice is wide.  Entry requirement for programs is generally completion of an undergraduate degree. Quotas may apply to these programs. Program length varies from two to four semesters, depending on pathway.


MBA programs prepare future senior executives for general management roles in a wide variety of business specializations such as Accounting, Economics, Finance, HR Management, Marketing, Operations, Organization Behaviour, Data Analysis and Polices.

MBA programs have a duration of study from one to two years in length depending on the university.  Entry requirements vary considerably; however, generally per-requisites include a recognized three- or four-year undergraduate degree, plus several years of management experience.   In select cases, students may enter MBA programs without work-related experience.

As programs change frequently it is advised students seeking direct entry from undergraduate studies contact KOM Consultants for information on current offerings.

Australian Schools

United Kingdom Schools



Griffith University, University of Sydney – The Association to Advanced Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) accredited Business Schools.  This is a US-based organization, and a key badge of quality assurance pertaining to business programs. San Diego State, Baylor, Stanford, Harvard, and many other institutions are accredited through the AACSB.

University of Sydney – The Association of Advanced Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) accredited in Accounting. This is a US-based organization, and a key badge of quality assurance pertaining to business programs.