Dental Schools in Australia and the UK

Dental Schools in Australia


As the leading provider for International Dental programs, KOM Consultants’ partner universities offer a variety of qualifications.  Highschool students can enter directly into our 5 year undergraduate programs.  These are also available to students with partial or complete university study.  University graduates can apply to our 4 year graduate entry programs.   Selection is competitive and quotas are restricted.

Canadian Students are advised to refer to the professional licensing bodies for credentialing and re-entry pathways:

National Dental Examining Board of Canada (NDEB)

Commission on Dental Accreditation of Canada (CDAC)

Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials

All students interested in Dentistry programs should contact KOM Consultants for full details on requirements and application process.


“We are extremely grateful to KOM Consultants for helping our family achieve their academic life goals.

Our children have been helped by KOM’s invaluable guidance, and are now attending the professional schools of their choice.  My daughter is in the Dentistry program at Griffith University and doing well.   Our son is attending James Cook University for medicine.

I have recommended other families to KOM Consultants for help, as your knowledge and respect among the various target schools place you at the top of all professional school facilitators.  All your staff is friendly, knowledgeable and encouraging.  Your personal service, knowledge of the various international schools, and individual attention to each family’s needs make you an indispensable part of the professional schools application process, especially for schools in Australia and Britain.

In today’s admissions market place, it is not enough to be an outstanding student, or have a supportive family. You need professional and reliable guidance and advice to be even considered in the “application journey.” It’s just that competitive, and KOM provides direction along that journey.

KOM helps students and their families find out how and where to be competitive, find a program and university that can help them achieve their academic goals, and provides much needed support and advice during the application process.”

Dr. H. Hoediono, BSc. D.D.S.