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Dental Schools in Australia


Dental Schools in AustraliaTraditionally dental schools in Australia offered five year undergraduate dental programs.  Student are able to study Dental School directly from high school.   It is suggested that students have background knowledge in biology, chemistry and physics.

More recently, Australian Dental Schools offer graduate entry Dental programs in Australia.  These programs are usually four years in duration.  Applicants must hold an undergraduate degree.  Graduate Entry Dental School programs in Australia may require supplementary applications,  as well as DAT results.

Entry to all Dental Schools in Australia are very competitive as numbers are restricted.   There are strict application deadlines and specific entry requirements.  Some universities require interviews.

In March 2010, the Australian Dental Association and the Commission on Dental Accreditation of Canada signed a reciprocal agreement that recognizes graduates of accredited dental programs in Australia and Canada for certification.  Unlike graduates of non-accredited programs, students who graduate from an accredited dental program in Australia after 2010 will not be required to do a two year qualifying program prior to applying for certification. Due to the agreement, graduates of accredited Australian programs will have the same certification processes as graduates of accredited Canadian programs.

Future dentists can access the National Dental Examining Board of Canada (NDEB), as well as the Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials.

KOM Consultants offers two study pathways to Australian Dental Schools in Australia.

Graduate Entry


KOM Consultants represents University of Sydney which offers a graduate entry Dental School program in Australia.  Applicants must hold an undergraduate degree  in any discipline with at least one semester course in Human Biology

The University of Sydney was the first to be established in Australia and after almost 150 years of proud achievement it still leads in innovation and quality.

Undergraduate Entry


High school graduation provides entry into undergraduate Dental programs in Australia.  Students are advised to have a background knowledge in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.  Acceptance is competitive into these undergraduate Dental programs.

Australian Undergraduate Dental Schools


“We are extremely grateful to KOM consultants for helping our family achieve their academic life goals.

Our children have been helped by KOM’s invaluable guidance, and are now attending the professional schools of their choice.  My daughter is in the Dentistry program at Griffith University and doing well.   Our son is attending James Cook University for medicine.

I have recommended other families to KOM Consultants for help, as your knowledge and respect among the various target schools place you at the top of all professional school facilitators.  All your staff is friendly, knowledgeable and encouraging.  Your personal service, knowledge of the various international schools, and individual attention to each family’s needs make you an indispensable part of the professional schools application process, especially for schools in Australia and Britain.

In today’s admissions market place, it is not enough to be an outstanding student, or have a supportive family. You need professional and reliable guidance and advice to be even considered in the “application journey.” It’s just that competitive, and KOM provides direction along that journey.

KOM helps students and their families find out how and where to be competitive, find a program and university that can help them achieve their academic goals, and provides much needed support and advice during the application process.”

Dr. H. Hoediono, BSc. D.D.S.