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Law Schools in Australia & the UK


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KOM Consultants is the leading Canadian provider for students seeking Law Schools in Australia and the United Kingdom (UK). We have been officially appointed as representatives by 19 Australian and UK Law Schools to act on their behalf as your point of contact in Canada based on our first hand knowledge of their universities, programs and accreditation procedures. KOM support students through the entire process ensuring you have all the information required to make informed decisions on which Law School best suits your needs.

Being Commonwealth countries, Law Schools in Canada, Australia and in the United Kingdom (UK) are all founded on Common Law. This means the underpinning content within Australian and UK Law programs are similar to ours, easing the transition back to Canada. KOM’s knowledge of programs, accreditation and licensing pathways back to Canada is vast and invaluable. Law applications submitted through KOM have full access to these resources.

Why Attend International Law Schools

Why Attend Law School in Australia or the United Kingdom (UK)

Students applying to Canadian Law Schools quickly discover how demanding things are. With highly competitive entry requirements for a limited amount of seats, a large number of applicants are unable to secure acceptance. Check out some stats on Ontario Law School applications (similar stats in other Canadian provinces).

Due to the competitive nature of the admissions process into Canadian Law Schools, more and more students are now looking for alternative options. KOM Consultants provide students with Law School options in the United Kingdom (UK) and Australia. Our partner universities offer internationally recognized professional Law qualifications giving students a sound alternative pathway into the field of Law.

Advantages of Studying Law in Australia or the UK

  • No LSAT required for Law Schools offered through KOM
  • Higher acceptance rate compared with Canadian Law Schools
  • Quick assessment turn around on applications (generally 3 – 4 weeks)
  • Flexible application dates
  • Direct entry into Graduate LLB or JD with a 3 or 4 year undergraduate degree
  • Direct entry into Undergraduate LLB after high school
  • Fast track qualifications
  • Put yourself in the job market sooner earning a professional salary
  • International exposure and experience setting yourself apart from others
  • World class institutions – many holding higher global rankings than Canadian Law Schools


KOM Consultants irons formalities out and makes the biggest transition in your life a smooth one. Along with this the consultants at KOM have a great understanding and knowledge of the area you are moving to. I know people who didn’t use KOM when they came to Bond University, and I can assure you that their transition was a much more difficult one than mine. I would recommend KOM’s assistance to anyone moving to study in another country

M. Lambert – Bond University

KOM Consultants played an integral role in finding a wonderful law school which started me on my path to becoming a lawyer. I am now being called to the bar in Ontario on June 20, 2016.   I would like to thank you very much for what you did.”

Kevin Wahba, University of Dundee LLB