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KOM Consultants is the official Canadian representative of Flinders University in Australia. Canadian applications to Flinders University’s Graduate Entry Medical School Doctor of Medicine program are submitted directly through KOM Consultants 1-877-318-8203 or info@komconsultants.com.


Flinders University Doctor of Medicine (MD) Overview

The Flinders Medical School was the first in Australia to develop a 4 year Doctor of Medicine (MD) as an alternative to traditional 5-6 year courses for school leavers. This was an opportunity to rethink curriculum design and the way in which students are selected. Now about 17 years later, the majority of Medical School places in Australia are graduate-entry and as the Australian Medical Council noted in renewing the Flinders Medical School’s accreditation recently: “The curriculum is nationally and internationally recognized and has been adopted by other schools in Australia”.

“Tradition” at Flinders Medical School involves building on the strengths of our widely-adopted MD curriculum via continued review and innovation to create or capture the best new ideas in medical education.

The Flinders University Doctor of Medicine Program is an integrated program that provides an alternative to the traditional pathway from secondary school to an undergraduate medical course.

Why study Medicine at Flinders?

The Flinders Medical School is renowned worldwide for our innovative curriculum and our commitment to the socially accountable practice of medicine. We strive to make doctors who will make a difference.

We seek students from a broad range of backgrounds to prepare them for any branch of medicine throughout Australia and the world.

The Flinders MD program has a strong focus on cooperative, problem-based learning and hands-on clinical skills. Graduates of the Flinders MD program have a solid foundation of current medical science and the skills to continue adding to this throughout their professional lives.

The Flinders School of Medicine is relatively small and is closely integrated with local health services in Adelaide and at selected locations around Australia. We aim to create a cooperative, supportive environment with close integration of basic science and clinical learning.

There are many options for gaining clinical experience in different settings, from big city hospitals to remote communities in both South Australia and the Northern Territory, and beyond.

Course Structure

Course Structure

For Years 1 and 2, all Flinders University Doctor of Medicine (MD) students are based at the Flinders University campus in Adelaide or in the Northern Territory. The clinical rotations of Years 3 and 4 of the Doctor of Medicine (MD) may be undertaken at various locations primarily in South Australia or the Northern Territory.

There are three major themes integrated into all four years of the Flinders Medical School Doctor of Medicine (MD):

Doctor and Patient

The practical communication, examination and procedural clinical skills essential for effective interactions between doctors and patients – and for constructive interaction with other health professionals. In this area, learning in the Clinical Skills and Simulation Unit and small group tutorials with clinical tutors complements involvement in patient care.

Knowledge of Health and Illness

Knowledge of the structure, function and development of the normal human body at all levels of organization, from molecular and cellular to the whole individual. Knowledge of the causes and consequences of disease, injury and abnormal development; and of evidence-based strategies for treatment and prevention of disease. In Years 1 and 2, problem based learning, centred on weekly clinical cases, provides the framework for student directed learning. In Years 3 and 4 the framework for learning is direct involvement in patient care in varied clinical settings.

Health Professions and Society

Consideration of health and illness in the wider contexts of family, cultural group, community and political and economic influences in society. A focus on the ethical and legal frameworks for medicine and on personal and interpersonal skills appropriate to lifetime medical practice.

Features of the Doctor of Medicine (MD) at Flinders University include:

A co-operative/collaborative learning environment with a strong emphasis on team work. This is underpinned by the moderate size of the Flinders University Medical School, selection of a talented, motivated student group with varied prior experience, learning in small groups and a supportive Faculty.

A strong focus on developing hands-on clinical skills from Week 1 of the Doctor of Medicine (MD) program at Flinders University. From the outset, Doctor of Medicine( MD) students build clinical skills with clinical tutors, using the resources of the clinical skills and simulation laboratories and through patient contact.

Integration of clinical medicine with a strong underpinning of the relevant biomedical science. This is facilitated by the problem-based format of Years 1 and 2 of the Doctor of Medicine(MD) but also the physical co-location of basic science Faculty and research laboratories with the clinical activities of Flinders Medical Centre.

Options for gaining clinical experience in varied settings, including hands-on involvement in patient care. Doctor of Medicine (MD) students in Years 3 and 4 can select from a large range of clinical experiences – from traditional rotations in big city hospitals, through single rotations or year-long involvement in health care delivery in outer urban, rural or remote communities, to electives almost anywhere in the world.

Entry Requirements


Entry requirements

  • GPA calculated  using weighted grade point average, calculated on the last three full time equivalent years of undergrad bachelor degree (inclusive of honours if applicable).  Weighting determined by: final year x3,  second year x2, first year x1
  • No prerequisite topics or subjects.  If in final year of study, satisfactory completion of undergrad degree will be condition of entry
  • MCAT results for 2019 intake minimum 123 in each section (492 total).  Must be from current or preceding two years.
  • Interview held in May and August.  Invitations issued to applicants on basis of admissions score and wGPA.
  • Required to attend interview in person, these take place in Toronto and/or Vancouver.
  • 3 application rounds – early round mid April deadline (must have valid MCAT) / main round deadline 30 June  (must have valid MCAT) / late round from 1 July to mid  November depending on availability of places
  • Applicants are ranked based on entry score (in equal weighting):
    • MCAT overall score
    • Weighted GPA
    • Interview score

Professional Recognition

Professional Recognition in Canada

All medical students are registered with the Medical Board of Australia, which has responsibility for ensuring that all persons permitted to practise medicine in Australia should be fit and proper persons to maintain professional standards.

In Canada, provincial and territorial medical regulatory authorities have the responsibility to confer licences to physicians. The Medical Council of Canada plays an important role in the assessment of potential physicians in Canada. This assessment includes national qualifying examinations and satisfactory completion of acceptable postgraduate training. It is the responsibility of the medical school graduate to contact the provincial body for regulations and requirements.

What Attracts Canadians to Flinders University in Australia

  • Ranked in the Top 400 universities globally
  • Ranked #71 of the top 100 universities under 50 years of age
  • #9 in Lonely Planet’s Top 10 cities in the World to visit
  • #5 Best student city in the world (Global Liveability Survey 2013)
  • More affordable than most Australian cities
  • 91% student satisfaction with level of support
Award Title:Doctor of Medicine (MD)
Length of Program:4 years
Prerequisites:see Entry Requirements
Interview:Required by Flinders Medical School
Application Dates:Three application round deadlines; Early Round April, Main Round June, Late Round December
Seats Available:20 International spots
Annual Tuition Fees:Contact KOM Consultants for latest tuition fees 1-877-318-8203
Faculty:School of Medicine