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KOM Consultants is the official Canadian representative for the University of Newcastle in Australia. Canadian applications to the University of Newcastle’s Undergraduate Entry Bachelor of Medical Science / Doctor of Medicine (JMP) program are submitted directly through KOM Consultants 1-877-318-8203 or info@komconsultants.com.


University of Newcastle Bachelor of Medical Science / Doctor of Medicine (JMP) Overview

The JMP at the University of Newcastle is a unique partnerships with the University of New England supported by local NSW health districts.  This allows for greater access to electronic resources, library facilities, tutors and clinical experiences.  You’ll get experience in metropolitan, regional and rural regions, thus allowing you to practice anywhere in Australia.

During the JMP degree, you’ll have access to excellent technology which includes simulated medical learning environments, ensuring you are equipped to for clinical placements.  Learning style is self-directed and problem based, in small groups – learning by experience.   Opportunities to gain further experience abroad are also available as are local community health projects you can become involved in.

Course Structure

Course Structure

Enrolling in the JMP at U of Newcastle, you will gain a broad and complete understanding of medicine a basic sciences, learning to apply this knowledge to specific medical problems.  Specific themes and topics are covered in each year of study.

Overview Year 1:

  • Introduction to medicine, overview of concepts
  • Themes covered include: Biomedical Science, Research, Clinical Practice, Professional Development, Health Societies & Environment
  • Clinical skills workshops which include safe practice, communication, basic patient assessment etc

Overview Year 2:

  • Revisit year 1 knowledge and expands on Themes
  • Clinical workshops expand on prior learning and are more in depth in areas of delivering patient information, interpersonal communication, other specific examination techniques etc

Overview Year 3:

  • Focus on patient assessment and introduced to the principles of patient management
  • Case Based Learning and Student Directed Seminars
  • Increased clinical placement time (areas of General Practice, General Medicine, Surgery)
  • Community Placement Option and Research Project are available

Overview Year 4:

  • Further involvement in clinical environment (placements in areas of Medicine & Psychiatry, Women’s, Adolescents’, Children’s health)
  • Research project (continuation from year 3)
  • Student Selected Pathway (coursework in one multidisciplinary area)

Overview Year 5:

  • Undertake a full time placement in the role of a pre-intern. Areas for placements are: Surgery, Medicine, Critical Care
  • Student Selected Pathway (continuation from year 4)
  • This final year prepares students to transition into their JMO (Junior Medical Officer) intern year

Entry Requirements

Entry requirements

Applications are open for 2024 intake.  Please contact KOM to apply to University of Newcastle Medicine

2024 entry requirements:

  • High school requirements (meeting minimum entry requirements does not guarantee an offer):
    • OSSD: 87% (best 6 Year 12 U – U/C ) including English
    • BC: 3.8% (all grade 12 courses except Graduation Transition)
    • Alberta: 435 (Eng30/Social Studies30/Math30/one of Biology30,Chem30,Physics30/and one other level 30 subject)
    • Manitoba: 90% (best 3 Senior 4 Courses)
    • Saskatchewan: 92% (Div IV or G12 standing – best 5 level 30 courses)
  • University requirements:
    • Minimum 1 year university: 5.0/7 (however higher likely required to be competitive)
    • No credit for completed university studies (entry into year 1 only)
  • Assessment on most recent qualification
  • New Requirement: UCAT ANZ test
  • Online interview is required.

Professional Recognition

Professional Recognition in Canada

The University of Newcastle Bachelor of Medical Science/Doctor of Medicine (JMP) program is accredited with the Australian Medical Council, with registration through the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency (AHPRA).

In Canada, provincial and territorial medical regulatory authorities have the responsibility to confer licenses to physicians. The Medical Council of Canada plays an important role in the assessment of potential physicians in Canada. This assessment includes national qualifying examinations and satisfactory completion of acceptable postgraduate training. It is the responsibility of the medical school graduate to contact the provincial body for regulations and requirements.

KOM Consultants understands the process and requirements needed to enter the medical profession in Canada. Contact KOM Consultants for more information.

All students applying directly through KOM Consultants will be supported with the latest information on the accreditation process.

Award Title:Bachelor of Medical Science / Doctor of Medicine (JMP)
Length of Program:5 years full time
Intake:February 2024
Interview:Required – see Entry Requirements
Application Deadline:Early September – TBC
Seats Available:approx. 24 International spots
Annual Tuition Fees:Contact KOM Consultants for latest tuition fees 1-877-318-8203
Faculty:Health and Medicine