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Griffith University Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (OT) Overview

The Bachelor of Occupational Therapy program at Griffith University in Australia will provide the student with the theory and skills to work as an occupational therapist in any setting. Occupational Therapy students at Griffith will undertake a number of placements including an innovative placement with the opportunity to make a mark in an important area. A hallmark of Griffith University’s Occupational Therapy program will be that it will adopt a truly contemporary view of occupational therapy in keeping with international trends in the field.

In Occupational Therapy degree at Griffith University in Australia, students will develop the skills needed to work as an occupational therapist to deliver life changing outcomes. Students will learn how to enable people to do the activities – occupations – they need or want to do in order to live a meaningful life, but have difficulty with due to illness, injury or other disadvantages.

Griffith University students will study occupational therapy theory and practice, occupational science, and other sciences such as psychology, sociology and anatomy. With 1000 hours of practical placements, starting in first year at Griffith, students will apply the skills and knowledge to real life situations preparing for a wide range of opportunities available to occupational therapists.

With Griffith University’s Occupational Therapy degree, students will join a community of students and experts and learn through social media as well as in the classroom.

Students will be prepared for a career in a variety of workplaces, including in hospitals, homeless shelters, refugee detention centres, universities, and government departments. Occupational Therapy students will be able to work with individuals, groups and communities in social enterprises, charities, large companies, schools and prisons.

Griffith OT School

Clinical Work Experience

Occupational Therapy students will need to be available full-time to attend 1000 hours of professional practice education placements in Years 3 and 4 with the Occupational Therapy program at Griffith University in Australia.

Work integrated learning activities integrate theoretical learning with its application in the workplace. The inclusion of work-integrated learning activities in this degree program demonstrates Griffith’s commitment to preparing its graduates for success in their working life. It is also an accreditation requirement of both Occupational Therapy Australia/Occupational Therapy Council and the World Federation of Occupational Therapists.

Practice education will be managed within School and Health Group policies and processes. Griffith University will also become part of the state-wide network that manages practice education placements.

Canadian Highlights of Griffith University

Griffith is one of Australia’s premier destinations for Canadian students having graduated more than 5,000 Canadian students from their programs.

Entry Requirements

Completed High School diploma carrying 75%. Chemistry and Maths strongly recommended.

Professional Recognition

Professional Recognition

The Bachelor of Occupational Therapy at Griffith University has been approved by the Occupational Therapy Board of Australia and accredited with conditions by the Occupational Therapy Council and Occupational Therapy Australia.

KOM Consultants understands the process and requirements needed to enter the legal profession in Canada. Contact KOM Consultants for more information.

All students applying directly through KOM Consultants will be supported with the latest information on the accreditation process.

Award Title:Bachelor of Occupational Therapy
Length of Program:4 years full time
Prerequisites:completed high school diploma.
Interview:Not required by Griffith University
Application Dates:Applicants are advised to apply 9 months in advance
Annual Tuition Fees:Contact KOM Consultants for latest tuition fees 1-877-318-8203
Faculty:Health Sciences