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The University of South Australia has over 40 years’ experience teaching Pharmacy and is one of only four universities in Australia to be a member of the prestigious National Alliance for Pharmacy Education. Pharmacy as a profession is concerned with providing primary health care; providing drug information and promoting the quality use of medicines by consumers; reviewing medication regimens; manufacturing and dispensing drugs; ordering, storing and safeguarding drugs; controlling and supervising the distribution of drugs; and undertaking research in selected settings.

Key features

  • Students may be eligible to enter the double degree Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science/Bachelor of Pharmacy
  • A member of the prestigious National Alliance for Pharmacy Education

University of South Australia Bachelor of Pharmacy Overview

The Bachelor of Pharmacy at The University of South Australia prepares students for a professional career in community, hospital or industrial pharmacy and allied industries. Students undertake broad training in physical and biological sciences; knowledge of drugs and their effects, and the application of this knowledge to individuals; the ability to provide advice and pharmacy care to consumers; and a scientific approach that will permit critical appraisal of developments in pharmaceutical sciences. In an evolving health system subject to rapidly accelerating demands, pharmacists are embracing new roles and should be prepared to undertake continuing development of their professional skills.

Course Content

Content and structure

The Pharmacy program contains 6 general themes that are developed in an integrated manner across the 4 years (144 units of study) of the program. These are, broadly: scientific principles; communication and counselling skills; practice of pharmacy; development and formulation of medicines; medicines in disease treatment and health maintenance; research skills.

First year provides a foundation in scientific principles. Second year provides students with an understanding of medicines in disease treatment and health maintenance. Third year takes on a clinical focus, with the pharmacotherapeutics courses which build on the scientific principles covered in Years 1 and 2 to develop knowledge on the use of drugs in clinical settings and provide experience in influencing patient behaviour and medication use in the community. In fourth year, development and formulation of medicines takes on a futuristic focus (pharmacy in the future), and further development of skills for the practice of pharmacy occurs as students gain a greater understanding of contemporary practice by integrating previously acquired skills and knowledge, including an appreciation of pharmacy-related research.


High achieving students may be eligible to enter the Honours stream within the third year of the program. Students who successfully complete the Honours program will be awarded the Bachelor of Pharmacy with Honours.

University of South Australia Pharmacy School

Clinical Work Experience

Students undertake an experiential placement off campus in either a metropolitan or rural location in Australia or overseas. The Placement may take the form of community pharmacy, hospital pharmacy, specialized drug information service, aged care facility, or other specialized health service. Students will interact with patients, pharmacists, pharmacy staff and other health professionals in this practice setting and thereby further develop advanced communication, technical and cognitive skills. The student will practice, under supervision, a range of skills necessary for contemporary pharmacy practice including: primary health care; medication provision; medication review; various models of medication management and drug optimization; clinical pharmacy services; specialized drug information services..


  • Students are advised that they may be required to spend at least one clinical or field placement outside Adelaide
  • Students are required to undertake professional placements in registered pharmacies or accredited institutions and some of these placements may be held outside the normal teaching weeks of the University

Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements

Entry into the Bachelor of Pharmacy program for students holding Ontario Secondary School Diploma:  75% with prerequisites of Biology, Chemistry, Physics and assumed knowledge in Math.

Professional Recognition

Professional Recognition

The program is accredited with the Australian Pharmacy Council.  Successful completion of the program satisfies the academic requirements for registration as a pharmacist with the Pharmacy Board of Australia. Eligibility for registration is determined by the Pharmacy Board of Australia and includes a suitably recognized and appropriate period of supervised training.

It is the student’s responsibility to contact their local credentialing body for re-entry pathways. The Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada (PEBC) is the national certification body for the pharmacy profession in Canada. Upon returning, students must go through an evaluation procedure with the PEBC.

Current News

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Award Title:Bachelor of Pharmacy
Length of Program:4 years
Annual Tuition Fees:Contact KOM Consultants for latest tuition fees 1-877-318-8203
Faculty:Health Sciences