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Curtin University Speech Pathology Program Graduate Entry


KOM Consultants is the official Canadian representative of Curtin University in Australia. Canadian applications to Curtin University’s Postgraduate Entry Master of Speech Pathology program are submitted directly through KOM Consultants at 1-877-318-8203 or info@komconsultants.com.


Curtin University Master of Speech Pathology Overview

Curtin University’s graduate entry Master of Speech Pathology course in Australia will develop a Speech Pathology student’s understanding of normal communication development, developmental and acquired communication and swallowing disorders, speech pathology, clinical practice, clinical measurement and research. Speech Pathology studies at Curtin University will be supported by extensive clinical practice.

Curtin students will be provided with the skills and knowledge to practice as a speech pathologist, which involves diagnosing, treating and providing management services to people of all ages with communication disorders, including speech, language, voice, fluency and literacy difficulties, or people who have physical problems with eating or swallowing.

The Speech Pathology course at Curtin University in Australia focuses primarily on four areas:

  • Behavioural science: understanding human behaviour, including the complex processes involved in speaking, thinking, reasoning and interacting with others.
  • Cognitive neuroscience: studying anatomy, physiology and cognitive processes involved in normal and disordered communication and swallowing.
  • Rehabilitation science: understanding rehabilitation techniques and principles involved in the treatment of communication and swallowing disorders.
  • Speech science: exploring areas such as speech signals, acoustic and physiological measurement, physiological and cognitive processes in speech perception and production, and computer-based speech recognition and synthesis.

Curtin University graduates readily find employment in a range of public, not-for-profit and private services throughout Australia.

Speech Pathology Course Learning Outcomes

A Curtin University graduate of this course can:

  1. Apply knowledge of human communication science to the delivery of speech pathology services and research in diverse and changing settings
  2. Critically analyze information to plan, implement and evaluate speech pathology services and research
  3. Locate, extract and critically appraise evidence and information from a range of resources to solve theoretical and applied problems in human communication science with a high level of independence
  4. Demonstrate excellence in written, verbal and non-verbal communication skills appropriate to the discipline within a legal and ethical framework
  5. Use technologies relevant to the human communication sciences to inform clinical practice and research
  6. Understand and implement a wide variety of learning strategies, and take responsibility for ongoing Professional and personal development
  7. Incorporate and demonstrate awareness of global or international perspectives in health care to clinical practice and research in speech pathology
  8. Demonstrate awareness of and respect for individual human rights and cultural diversity
  9. Independently and collaboratively apply professional skills in an ethical manner across a range of professional settings

Curtin Speech Pathology School

Why Speech Pathology at Curtin University?

  • Access to well-equipped clinical education facilities and resources including video, audio and computer hardware and software.
  • Experienced staff at Curtin University with considerable clinical, teaching and research expertise.
  • Curtin graduates are readily employed and recognized for their expertise in all facets of communication, their innovative approach to practice, their use of technology and their ability to conduct research in a variety of health science disciplines.

Clinical Work Experience

Speech Pathology studies at Curtin University are supported by extensive clinical practice.

Entry Requirements

  • Completed Bachelor Degree with a minimum course weighted average of 65% is required. Entry to the course is competitive. There is no preferred undergraduate degree for admission.
  • Prerequisites: To be eligible for entry in the course students must have completed previous tertiary level studies in:
    1. Human Biology and/or Brain and Behaviour
    2. Statistics

It is important to note that while completion of the prerequisite units enables eligibility for entry; this does not guarantee a place. Applicants without this background will need to complete additional units in this area before commencing the course.

Professional Recognition

Professional Recognition in Canada

Curtin University Speech Pathology graduates are eligible for membership of Speech Pathology Australia.

Graduates applying to licensing in Canada, UK or the USA will be required to provide details of their program of studies to the relevant bodies and sit a licensing examination.

KOM Consultants understands the process and requirements needed to enter the profession in Canada. Contact KOM Consultants for more information

All students applying directly through KOM will be supported with the latest information on the accreditation process.

Award Title: Master of Speech Pathology
Length of Program: 4 Semesters completed over 2 years
Intake: February
Prerequisites: undergraduate degree in any discipline.
Interview: Not required
Application Dates: October 31
Annual Tuition Fees: Contact KOM Consultants for latest tuition fees 1-877-318-8203
Faculty: Health Sciences
Country: Australia