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Flinders University Speech Pathology Program Undergraduate Entry


KOM Consultants is the official Canadian representative of Flinders University in Australia. Canadian applications to Flinders University’s Undergraduate Entry Bachelor of Speech Pathology program are submitted directly through KOM Consultants at 1-877-318-8203 or info@komconsultants.com.


Flinders University Bachelor of Speech Pathology Overview

The Bachelor of Speech Pathology at Flinders University was developed in conjunction with the profession to provide the comprehensive training needed to work successfully as a professional speech pathologist.

Academic components within the Speech Pathology program at Flinders University combine professional topics (speech pathology and audiology) with the basic sciences of linguistics, psychology, phonetics and aspects of medical science (anatomy/physiology and neuroanatomy/physiology).

The Flinders course will equip Speech Pathology students to:

  • assess, diagnose, remediate or alleviate those disabilities specified as human communication or swallowing disorders
  • provide or arrange for a range of adjunctive services whenever the need arises
  • evaluate current research and apply the relevant findings to clinical practice
  • meet the Competency Based Occupational Standards set by the professional association of Speech Pathology

Flinders Speech Pathology School

Why study Speech Pathology at Flinders?

  • Flinders University is the only university in South Australia teaching speech pathology and audiology and Flinders Department of Speech Pathology and Audiology has joined with that of the Flinders Medical Centre to jointly provide clinical services, teaching and research. This is unique in Australia and allows Speech Pathology students to visit patients in the medical wards and participate in many of the outpatient services offered by the hospital.
  • Flinders University’s operate speech pathology and audiology clinics for the community. Flinders University’s vision is to be a major force within the area of communication disorders through the achievement of the highest standards in, and providing an optimal balance between, teaching, research and clinical services combined with flexibility in response to the needs of students, clients and the community.
  • Flinders University facilities include 2 group-therapy rooms and 3 state-of-the-art soundproof audiology rooms, all with facilities for direct student observation, and 9 individual clinical rooms, all linked by closed circuit video to a central monitoring facility for the Speech Pathology program.

Clinical Work Experience

Speech Pathology students at Flinders University will undertake extensive clinical experience, allowing students to integrate theory with practice. Clinical work within Flinders Speech Pathology program will include 2 block placements of 6-8 weeks each in Adelaide, country areas of South Australia, Victoria and the Northern Territory, and in some circumstances, overseas.

Entry Requirements

Completion of a provincial high school diploma. Study of biology or languages may be an advantage, but are not essential for admission.

What Attracts Canadians to Flinders University in Australia

  • Ranked in the Top 400 universities globally
  • Ranked #71 of the top 100 universities under 50 years of age
  • #9 in Lonely Planet’s Top 10 cities in the World to visit
  • #5 Best student city in the world (Global Liveability Survey 2013)
  • More affordable than most Australian cities
  • 91% student satisfaction with level of support

Professional Recognition

Professional Recognition in Canada

Flinders Bachelor of Speech Pathology graduates are eligible for membership of the Speech Pathology Australia.

Flinders graduates applying to licensing in Canada, UK or the USA for Speech Pathology will be required to provide details of their program of studies to the relevant bodies and sit a licensing examination.

KOM Consultants understand the process and requirements needed to enter the profession in Canada. Contact KOM Consultants for more information.

All students applying directly through KOM Consultants will be supported with the latest information on the accreditation process.

Award Title:Bachelor of Speech Pathology
Length of Program:8 Semesters completed over 4 years
Prerequisites:Completed high school diploma.
Interview:Not required
Application Dates:October 31
Annual Tuition Fees:Contact KOM Consultants for latest tuition fees 1-877-318-8203
Faculty:Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences