Teachers College in Australia, Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland

teacher colleges in Australia, the United Kingdom, and Ireland


As the leading resource of teacher training programs for Canadians, KOM Consultants are considered to be the experts for placements throughout Australia, the United Kingdom, and Ireland. Since 1991, KOM Consultants has supported thousands of Canadian students, from all regions of the country, to obtain their teacher training qualifications overseas.

The following universities offer programs in Graduate Entry Education / Teacher Training:


Undergraduate Teacher Training Degrees

Overseas undergraduate teacher training programs are similar to Canadian concurrent Education degrees which are generally four years in length. These programs may be entered directly from high school with an acceptable grade point average. Contact KOM Consultants for details of specific university offerings and program entry requirements.

Postgraduate Teacher Training Degrees

Postgraduate teacher training programs are professional degrees ranging from one to two years in length. As each province has individual registration requirements, it is the student’s responsibility to choose a program matching their needs. Entry criteria are completion of a three- or four-year undergraduate degree with an acceptable grade point average. Demonstrated work experience, volunteer hours, reference letters and personal statements may be required by some universities. Contact KOM Consultants for further details on specific university offerings and program entry requirements.

Ontario Licensing Requirements

Ontario Licensing Requirements

As of September 1, 2015, the province of Ontario moved from a 1 year graduate entry Teacher Training program to an Enhanced 2 year qualification. This new requirement in this province outlines applicants must have a minimum 80 days of practice teaching within their initial teaching qualification.

Applicants who are certified in another province/territory will not be affected by the Enhanced Program requirements due to the Ontario Labour Mobility Act.

KOM attends the Ontario College of Teachers annual briefing for international teacher education program providers, and are extremely knowledgeable on the process of returning directly back to Ontario or through other Canadian provinces requiring 1 year qualifications.

Teacher Training Specializations

Teacher Training Specializations

Teacher training applicants may choose to specialize in Primary, Middle Years, or Secondary levels of teaching. Each division requires specific entry requirements. Teachable subjects are not required for Primary division although some jurisdictions may demand a spread of subjects in the undergraduate degree.

Secondary teachers are normally required to have two teaching methodologies: a Major and a Minor e.g. Math/English. The successful candidate must demonstrate subjects within his/her undergraduate degree to support the methodology/ies.  Typically a major teaching methodology requires five full related subjects in the undergraduate degree and two or three full subjects for a minor teaching methodology.

Students apply directly online through KOM Consultants for all teacher training programs.

  • Graduate Diploma of Education/PGCE is generally a one year, two semester qualification incorporating 40 – 65 days of practicum. Practicum days vary from school to school.
  • Master of Teaching is generally a two year, four semesters, qualification with up to 100 days of practicum. Number of practicum days varies from school to school. With special permission some practical teaching may be undertaken in Canada or in other countries.

All provinces have individual credentialing requirements. It is the student’s responsibility to choose a program matching their needs. Please refer to the KOM website for provincial listings.


KOM provided me with all of the information that I needed in order to choose a school that I wanted and took care of the paperwork necessary in the application process. My trip to Newcastle was a life changing experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything. I recommend KOM to any aspiring teachers planning to attend school in Australia

A. Heath – University of Newcastle