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KOM Consultants are the official Canadian representative of Bangor University in the UK. Canadian applications to Bangor University’s Teacher Training program are submitted directly through KOM Consultants at 1-877-318-8203 or info@komconsultants.com.


Bangor University’s School of Education in Wales (UK)

Bangor University’s School of Education in Wales provides first rate higher education in one of Britain’s most beautiful locations. Set in one of the best natural resources in the UK, Bangor is exceptionally well-situated and well-equipped for students interested in Sport, especially those involving the outdoors.

The School of Education has established its reputation in the field of teacher training to educate students to meet the needs of schools throughout Britain.

Under the guidance of enthusiastic staff, the School provides a wide range of progressive courses leading to Bangor University honours degrees and certificates and a range of postgraduate qualifications. You can pursue courses through the medium of Welsh or English or bilingually. In the European context this bilingual expertise gives an exciting dimension to all our courses and provides students with opportunities to develop European links. The School also has well-established partnerships with Primary and Secondary Schools to provide varied and supportive training environments.

Excellence in standards and quality

The School of Education at Bangor University has a friendly atmosphere and students from all regions and different backgrounds quickly settle in. They offer a lively and enriching working and social environment with unrivalled resources for your courses.


About the Postgraduate Certificate in Education Primary

The Primary PGCE programme is designed to provide you with a deep understanding of how children learn, and equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to develop as a creative and innovative teacher.  You will learn about children’s development through the Foundation Phase and Key Stage 2 and be supported to become an excellent teacher. This PGCE with QTS is recognized across Wales and England and is often transferable* further afield for entry into the teaching profession.

*Those seeking to teach outside Wales and England should check recognition and transferability of Qualified Teacher Status with the respective country’s Teachers’ Professional Body.

Committed schools with well-trained mentors will support Associate Teachers’ progress towards Qualified Teacher Status in accordance with Professional Standards for Teaching and Leadership in Wales.

Experienced tutors and researchers in university and school based staff will provide excellent support and stimulating sessions, and the qualification gained will equip students to teach within and beyond Wales.

You do not need to live in Wales or speak Welsh to apply for the course.  We will support you in your understanding of Welsh culture and your Welsh language learning whether you are a complete beginner or a fluent user of the language.

Course Content

The university based sessions include either experience in the Areas of Learning outlined in the Foundation Phase or the subjects outlined in the National Curriculum orders. All trainees also learn Welsh as part of the university based program.

The School based component of the program comprises block school experiences in partnership schools. The trainees are assessed on their school experience according to a set of criteria. Successful completion enables trainees to receive the qualification of Qualified Teacher Status (QTS), awarded by the General Teaching Council for Wales (GTCW).

Entry Requirements

Entry requirements

  • Both High School and University transcripts.
  • Grade B or equivalent in High School English Language
  • Grade B or equivalent in High School Mathematics
  • Grade C or higher in High School Science will be required.
  • Interview required
  • At least a 2:2 honours degree or equivalent in an area related to subject of study.

Professional Recognition

Professional Recognition in Canada

Graduates of Bangor University’s PGCE Primary teacher training program are eligible to apply for licensing in Canada, however, it is critical students understand the requirements needed to complete this process before licensing will be granted. KOM Consultants understand the process and requirements needed to enter the teaching profession in Canada. Contact KOM for more information.

All students applying directly through KOM will be supported with the latest information on the accreditation process.

Award Title:Postgraduate Certificate in Education: PGCE Primary with QTS (3-11)
Length of Program:1 year
Application Dates:Applicants are advised to apply 9 months in advance
Application Process:Contact KOM Consultants for information
Annual Tuition Fees:Contact KOM Consultants for latest tuition fees 1-877-318-8203
Campus Location:Bangor
Country:Wales (UK)