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KOM Consultants are the official Canadian representative of Macquarie University in Australia. Canadian applications to Macquarie’s Teacher Training program are submitted directly through KOM Consultants at 1-877-318-8203 or info@komconsultants.com.


Macquarie University School of Education in Australia

The Department of Education was set up in 1967 as one of Macquarie University’s founding schools. They have an international reputation for the quality of our courses, research, scholarship and service to the educational community. Each year Macquarie University graduate approximately 250 students as beginning teachers.

Macquarie’s Teacher Education Program is widely acknowledged as one of Australia’s finest. The program is distinguished by the emphasis it attaches to the concept of the scholar-teacher, its promotion of reflective classroom practice, and its innovative, school-based, professional experience program. A focus on the application of information and communication based technologies in educational settings is integrated across our programs. Macquarie University’s developmental model of professional experience allows you to apply the knowledge and skills you develop on campus in a classroom setting.

Master of Teaching

About the Master of Teaching (Secondary)

High-quality secondary education teachers focus on helping young adults reach their full potential. They are also often important role models – guiding, mentoring and supporting students through what can be an exciting, but also challenging, time in their lives.

If you already have an undergraduate degree and are interested in secondary education, Macquarie University’s graduate-entry Master of Teaching (Secondary) course will provide you with the skills and qualifications you need to teach in secondary school or work in associated fields such as curriculum planning, educational research or policy development.

Key features

  • Your first bachelor degree or equivalent must contain an appropriate academic major (or at least six undergraduate units of study) relevant to the following areas: economics and/or business studies, English, geography, history, languages, maths and/or science.
  • Macquarie’s course includes an academic stream comprising units in education, and a professional stream comprising units in curriculum, methodology and supervised school experience.
  • It can be completed in two years full-time after credit for previous studies is granted.
  • During the school-based professional experience component, you are supervised and assessed by an experienced classroom teacher who acts as a mentor. This practical experience enables you to develop a long-term relationship with your allocated school community.
  • Macquarie University in Australia is a leader in educational research, giving you access to the latest techniques and tools to start your career.

Suitable for

Students who already have an undergraduate degree and want to proceed to secondary teaching.

This degree may also provide a foundation for other careers in associated fields such as educational adviser to government or other agencies, educational policy planner, educational researcher, training agency consultant, educator and trainer of adults.

Please note: A degree from a recognized university is required. You will have your previous studies assessed against the Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards’ (BOSTES) key learning area content requirements by UAC and the University.

Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements

  • A 3 or 4 year Bachelors degree in a different discipline carrying a 70% GPA. Applicants require 2 teaching areas within their undergraduate degree.
  • First subject you intend to teach – In your undergraduate degree – you are required to undertake three years (6 units or a major) of studies in one subject with at least 4 of these units at level (year) 2 or above.
  • Second subject you intend to teach – If you wish to be qualified to teach a second subject (for flexibility of employment) in your undergraduate degree – you are required to undertake at least two years (4 units) of studies with at least 2 units at level (year) 2 or above

Professional Recognition

Professional Recognition in Canada

Graduates of Macquarie University’s Master of Teaching (Secondary) are eligible for accreditation to teach in government and non-government schools.

This degree is recognized nationally and internationally by education providers.

Graduates of Macquarie’s Secondary teacher training program are eligible to apply for licensing in Canada, however, it is critical students understand the requirements needed to complete this process before licensing will be granted. KOM Consultants understand the process and requirements needed to enter the teaching profession in Canada. Contact KOM for more information

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Award Title:Master of Teaching (Secondary)
Length of Program:2 years
Intake:End of February
Prerequisites:undergraduate Bachelor’s degree with a sub-major in two specialist areas
Interview:Not required
Application Dates:Applicants are advised to apply 9 months in advance
Annual Tuition Fees:Contact KOM Consultants for latest tuition fees 1-877-318-8203
Faculty:School of Education
Campus Location:North Ryde (Sydney)