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KOM Consultants are the official Canadian representative of The University of Sydney in Australia. Canadian applications to the University of Sydney’s Doctor of Veterinary Medicine program are submitted directly through KOM Consultants at 1-877-318-8203 or info@komconsultants.com.


University of Sydney Veterinary School

World leader in Veterinary Science:

  • The University of Sydney Veterinary School is ranked 1st in Australia and 12th in the world for veterinary science by the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2020.
  • Leading veterinary education, animal science and research that advances the health and welfare of animals and benefits the community.

What does it mean to be the best university for veterinary science in Australia?

  • It means being taught by world-leading animal and veterinary scientists from the moment a student sets foot on our campuses.
  • It’s studying in the latest facilities, in small groups to maximize learning, and in courses at the cutting-edge of knowledge in the field.
  • It means leaving as a globally respected graduate with the experience and skills to make a difference to the health, welfare and conservation of animals all around the world.
  • And it means undertaking research across a range of specializations to better tackle the big, complex issues facing the world.

About the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Study to become a registered veterinary practitioner with Sydney’s Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM). This degree will turn you into a career-ready vet with the skills to work in managing animal health and disease in Australia and around the world.

This four-year graduate entry course is open to applicants with a completed Bachelor’s degree who want to study to become registered veterinary practitioners.

The University of Sydney is the nation’s premier place to receive training in veterinary science. We ranked first in Australia and 12th in the world for veterinary science in the 2020 QS World University Rankings by Subject and have been given a maximum score of 5 in the Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) federal government scheme for the veterinary sciences field of research. And, The University of Sydney’s courses are internationally accredited, so you can work as a vet around the world.

In the DVM, teaching is research-driven to ensure you will learn from the latest developments and advances in evidence-based practice, veterinary science research, animal behaviour and welfare science and veterinary public health. You will benefit from a fully integrated learning curriculum with clinical exposure, clinical skills training and animal handling commencing in the first semester and throughout the course.

Your studies will take place in the One Health framework, ensuring you understand the linkages between veterinary health, human medicine and the environment at local, national and global levels. The University of Sydney’s DVM program culminates in a capstone experience year where you will get hands-on experience as an intern in veterinary clinics of all varieties and in a wide range of locations, including rotations in the University teaching hospitals at Sydney and Camden.

You should be aware that the DVM has semester dates that are different to the standard University calendar. If your application is successful, you must be prepared to start classes during mid-February.

Years 1 and 2 of the course are primarily held at the Camperdown campus, but students must travel to our Camden campus for classes on a regular basis throughout the course. Camden is the location of all large animal teaching facilities, and animal handling training commences during the first semester.

What You'll Study

What you’ll study

To qualify for the award of the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, you must complete a total of 192 credit points of core units of study and required hours of placements, comprised of preparatory clinical placements and farm placements. The DVM is undertaken full-time over four years with a fully integrated learning program.

During the first 3 years, students participate in a mixture of small group, case-based tutorials, laboratory and practical classes. Clinical skills and animal handling training commence during the first semester of the DVM curriculum and continue throughout the first three years. To consolidate this training, and acquire an appreciation of the working of animal enterprises, students also undertake animal husbandry (farm) placements during University vacations. Clinical contact commences during first semester of the DVM and continues throughout the course, culminating in the final year capstone experience. During fourth year, students complete a series of rotations as veterinary student interns in our Veterinary Teaching Hospitals and with our Partners in Veterinary Education off-campus.

Work component

This course has a mandatory work component totalling 2172 hours that must be completed as part of the award requirements for the degree.

Career Paths

Career Paths

Graduating with a DVM or BVetBiol/DVM at Sydney opens up many career opportunities for you. In addition to being equipped to become a recognized veterinary medical professional in the global community, you will be able to choose to work in a range of settings in rural and urban areas across Australia and in many places around the world.

You will be qualified to enter a wide variety of exciting fields, including:

  • private veterinary practice in livestock, equine, small animal or mixed practices;
  • corporate veterinary medicine, including in the pharmaceutical industry or allied Animal Health industries
  • private or public animal welfare agencies that work to ensure the health and well-being of animals
  • government departments and agencies that working on research, biosecurity, public health, public policy, infectious disease or food safety
  • agricultural industries, animal health, inspection or environmental quality
  • education sector, research or teaching
  • international animal health, welfare or food production
  • diagnostic services
  • veterinary public health

Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements for the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine


Applicants must have successfully completed one semester of study in general chemistry (physical and inorganic), organic chemistry, biology and biochemistry at bachelor’s degree level to be eligible for entry.

Students seeking advice on eligibility of units should make an assessment based on the information for the University of Sydney units provided.

Please note that the School cannot assess pre-requisites prior to application.

Admission requirement

Admission to the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine is based on the following criteria:

  1. Grade Point Average (GPA) from a completed Bachelor’s degree, minimum credit average required (70%)
  2. Successful completion of prerequisite units (see above)
  3. Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Admission Statement including a minimum of 28 days of relevant work experience and animal handling experience, using the prescribed form

*These are the minimum admission requirements for the DVM. As entry to this course is highly competitive, students who meet the minimum requirements are then ranked according to academic performance and admission statement.

Professional Recognition

Professional Recognition

The Bachelor of Veterinary Science is fully accredited by the Australasian Veterinary Boards Council (AVBC),  the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) in the UK, and the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). This means course graduates of Sydney will be eligible for registration as veterinarians in all states and territories of Australia, and the United Kingdom.  Students graduating from an AVMA accredited School have their degree recognized in North America and are entitled to sit the US National Veterinary Licensing Examinations.

Regulatory authority for veterinary practice in Canada is a provincial responsibility.  Specific requirements differ from province to province.  For further information refer to the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association. All students interested in Veterinary Science should contact KOM Consultants for full details on application processes.

Award Title:Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
Length of Program:4 years
Number of International Seats:Approximately 35
Application Deadline:mid November
Annual Tuition Fees:Contact KOM Consultants for latest tuition fees 1-877-318-8203
Faculty:Veterinary Science