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KOM Consultants are the official Canadian representative of James Cook University in Australia. Canadian applications to James Cook University’s Bachelor of Veterinary Science program are submitted directly through KOM Consultants at 1-877-318-8203 or info@komconsultants.com.


Make a difference to animal health and welfare with JCU’s emphasis on rural and tropical practice. Be equipped with the skills to diagnose, treat, and prevent disease in a wide range of companion, production, aquatic, and native animals.

You will gain in-depth foundational knowledge throughout your degree, as well as specialist rural and tropical veterinary science skills.

Take advantage of James Cook University’s real-world teaching settings, including an on-campus Veterinary and Emergency Centre and Hospital and a local working cattle station for livestock production. In your final two years, you will complete a variety of clinical placements in both rural and urban settings.

About the Bachelor of Veterinary Science in Queensland

Explore the importance of the relationship between people and animals. Prepare to make a difference in the lives of both with your Bachelor of Veterinary Science degree from JCU.

A Vet School That Will Get You Ready Today for Tomorrow

Meet tomorrow’s demands in sustainable animal farming and increased expectations for animal health and welfare. JCU graduates who study veterinary science are prepared to work with animals and the people who care for them, in many diverse settings. Your Bachelor of Veterinary Science in Queensland is accredited by the Australasian Veterinary Boards Council, making you eligible to work in Australia and New Zealand or in the UK.

Choose a field of work that appeals to your interests with your veterinary university studies at JCU. Build your own private veterinary practice with companion animals or livestock. Be part of positive change in the community by serving with or work in animal nutrition or production. Take the lead in exotic animal research and care at a zoo or wildlife sanctuary.

Protect fragile ecosystems through government quarantine and biosecurity programs. Devote yourself to developing new pharmaceuticals to improve animal health, or improving nutrition industries or farmers. Follow your teaching passion with a career in academia or pursuing important research initiatives.

Career Paths

The range of employment opportunities for veterinarians is wide and includes: clinical work in private practices as small animal practitioners or rural practitioners; positions with federal and state governments involved with animal disease control, animal production, livestock inspection and quarantine; research roles in the pharmaceutical industry; research and monitoring roles in agricultural industries and agencies; research roles in the stock feed industry; research roles in human health areas.

Why Study at James Cook

Study Veterinary Science and Work With the Best

Work with one of the world’s leading veterinary schools as you pursue your vet degree at James Cook University. Benefit from state-of-the-art teaching and research facilities at the JCU Veterinary and Emergency Centre and Hospital, the JCU working cattle station (JCU Fletcherview Research Station), and the JCU Teaching Resource Centre.

Expand your knowledge and skills through veterinary courses in Queensland, and experience Australia’s unique tropical, marine and rural settings. Graduates have specialist knowledge and unique skills and insights due to their practical experience in rural, remote and marine study locations. Network with the industry through JCU’s partnerships with government and agricultural leaders.

Your vet degree will equip you to diagnose and treat animals from a variety of ecosystems. Working alongside lecturers committed to student success, you will graduate ready to work with farm or companion animals, wildlife, and aquatic species.

Experience the Incredible with JCU’s Veterinary Courses in Queensland

Experiential learning is integral to success. Your JCU vet school courses include extensive, hands-on teaching as well as clinical and professional placements. Learn how to gather and critically evaluate data to make evidence-based decisions about the animals under your care. Graduate with the practical experience that makes you valuable to employers. Real-world experience in laboratories, veterinary hospitals, on farms and in private practice give you the confidence you need to pursue a successful career.

Be equipped with a thorough understanding of the ethics of veterinary practice and relevant legislation that governs the field. You will work with people from across cultures, learning about key cultural values so you can make a difference in communities. Be a leader in preserving ecosystems for another generation and build your understanding of sustainability.


Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements for the Bachelor of Veterinary Science

Entry into James Cook University’s Bachelor of Veterinary Science course in Australia is highly sought after, attracting a wide range of excellent applications. To apply for this course you must have successfully completed: English, Mathematics Methods and Chemistry (Biology is also highly recommended) and achieved a minimum GPA 86%.  Meeting minimum requirements does not guarantee entry

Professional Recognition

Professional Recognition

The Bachelor of Veterinary Science is fully accredited by the Australasian Veterinary Boards Council (AVBC). This means course graduates of JCU will be eligible for registration as veterinarians in all states of Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

Regulatory authority for veterinary practice in Canada is a provincial responsibility.  Specific requirements differ from province to province.  For further information refer to the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association. All students interested in Veterinary Science should contact KOM Consultants for full details on application processes.

Award Title:Bachelor of Veterinary Science
Length of Program:5 years
Application Deadline:August 30
Annual Tuition Fees:Contact KOM Consultants for latest tuition fees 1-877-318-8203
Faculty:Health Sciences