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Applying to Universities in Australia, the UK and Ireland through KOM Consultants is Quick and Easy

Simply click theAPPLY tab at the Top of our home page to complete KOM’s Online University Application form allowing you to apply up to 5 universities. It’s that easy – one form for 5 universities.

Supporting Documents

All we need you to do at that point is mail supporting application documents to our Canadian office and our admissions team will do the rest for you.

Mailing Address for Supporting Documents

ATTN: Admissions Office
KOM Consultants
25 Redmond Drive, Unit 4
Hamilton, ON
L8W 3K7

Save money when applying to Australian, United Kingdom and Irish universities through KOM Consultants

• KOM’s counselling services are absolutely free of charge.  In addition, individual university fees are waived for students applying through KOM Consultants*.  This means you can apply to our client universities with out full support at no expense.  This is a huge savings when compared to Canadian university application fees and provides our students an extremely economical means of applying to multiple Australian, Irish & UK universities.

• Students are not required to mail documents overseas. All supporting documents are mailed to KOM in Canada who will arrange the rest. KOM students save the high cost associated with posting documents internationally.

A friendly KOM Consultants team member will be in contact with you at every stage to keep you updated

* University of Sydney charge an additional AUD $150 mandatory application fee (KOM team member will contact you for payment details if selected)

* University of Adelaide will charge an additional mandatory AUD $110 application fee and additional AUD $380 UCAT ANZ fee for Medicine and Dentistry applications (KOM team member will contact you for payment details if selected)