When do semesters begin?

The academic year in Australia starts in Autumn which is the February intake. The end of the academic year is November. Depending on the Australian university and specific program, a mid year intake may be available in July. British and Irish  schools generally begin the academic year in September.

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Must I come to your office to apply?

KOM’s office is located in Hamilton, Ontario Canada. We welcome students and their families to come to our office for individual counselling with a KOM representative about studying in Australia, Ireland or the UK. You can meet with a KOM team member for general information or if you are ready to head off to study overseas.

As many of KOM’s clients are from across Canada, we can communicate through our toll free line at 1-877-318-8203, by email or Zoom/Teams. We also host free webinars with our partner overseas universities so you can get information from where ever you are! Or we may even see you on campus. Check out our Events page for details of what colleges & universities we are visiting throughout the year.

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Are photocopies of official transcripts acceptable for applications or are originals necessary?

You should submit to KOM Consultants one set of sealed official original transcripts from your Canadian institution(s), either interim or final, along with your international university applications.

If your studies are still in progress, you may be given a conditional offer from the overseas university based upon successful completion of current studies. You will then be expected to send a sealed official, original, final transcript.

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How soon will I know if I am accepted?

KOM is proud of the close relationship with the University International Offices which allows our clients quick turn around times on their overseas university applications. Upon receipt of the application package from the student, KOM will forward your documentation to the universities of choice. Allow approximately four to six weeks for the average response. Professional programs such as Australian Medical Schools, Australian Dental Schools and Physiotherapy Schools in Australia & the UK, etc usually have specific application deadlines and first round offer dates. All university correspondence will come to you through KOM Consultants.

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How much are tuition costs?

International University Tuition fees vary according to university and program to study in Australia, the UK or Ireland.  British costs range from £15000+.  Australian tuition varies depending on program.  Ireland costs are around €8500.

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How much is accommodations?

Britain advises £300/month for living expenses. Australian accommodation is approximately $250.00 – $400.oo AUD per week depending on location. Ireland live costs are around €7000 – 8000 / year.

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Do the universities offer airport reception?

When an International student arrives to study in Australia, most Australian universities will provide airport reception. Most universities will not charge for airport reception. Once a student has their flight booked, he/she should complete online airport reception.

Check out the KOM Pre-departure webpage for more information airport reception, funding, flights, student visas, etc.

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Can I work while I am studying in Australia, Britain or Ireland?

In Australia, Canadian students can work up to 40 hours a fortnight while their program is in session. Students who hold a student visa can work unlimited hours during scheduled course breaks. You may also seek work in Britain and Ireland.

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Will I be eligible for financial assistance?

You may be eligible for a provincial loan. Please refer to KOM Resources for additional details.

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Are there opportunities to meet other students who will be studying at the same Australian university as myself prior to leaving Canada?

We at KOM Consultants try to ensure that you have the best support system for our Canadian students studying abroad and the huge adventure that you are undertaking. KOM hosts a pre-departure webinar prior to the beginning of each semester to give students information, helpful tips and opportunity to meet with other students who will be studying abroad. KOM always encourages students to take advantage of KOM’s Facebook page to connect to other students.

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Do I require health coverage as a student?

All students entering Australia to study must have Overseas Health Coverage (OSHC). OSHC is similar to OHIP and gives basic coverage over the duration of studies. Most Australian universities include the OSHC in the initial deposit as listed on an offer letter. You will not be able to obtain an Australian student visa until you have OSHC.

Ireland will require students to purchase health coverage prior to arrival (will need to show evidence of coverage when applying for IRP card).  Costs are approx. €350/year

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Do I pay the university application fees, as well as the KOM the application fee?

KOM Educational Consultants services are absolutely FREE to students who submit applications through our office.

Note as of October 2022:

The University of Sydney charges a mandatory $150aud application fee (plus surcharge for payments via Visa or Mastercard).

The University of Adelaide charges $110aud for Medicine and Dental programs (additional programs with university application fees – Physiotherapy/Occupational Therapy/Speech Pathology/Bachelor of Nursing/Master o Counselling and Psychotherapy/Master in Psychology(Clin,HealthandOrg)/DClinDent/Master of Public Health/Bachelor of Science(Veterinary Bioscience)/Master of Viticulture And Oenology, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine/Master of Business Administration

University College Cork charges €50 application fee

University of Limerick charges €35 application fee

** Exchange rates and other credit card fees are the responsibility of the card holder.  Application fees are subject to change.

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Are all Australian teachers certificates considered valid in Canada?

We specialize in teacher training and we will guide you through the proper choices of subjects and schools. We recommend that students research with the Provincial Teacher Certification Board to ensure requirements are met.

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When accepted, is it better to pay the entire tuition in full or to pay it in instalments?

Tuition payment varies by country.

Australia tuition payments are done per semester.  Australian Government requires all International Students to pay the first semester’s fees, plus Overseas Health Coverage before an Australian Student Visa may be issued by the Australian High Commission. Thereafter, fees are paid by the semester.

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Can I apply to KOM if I am NOT a resident of Ontario?

Certainly, you can apply to KOM if you are not an Ontario resident. Our students come from across the country. As well, we can assist international students who are currently studying in Canada and wish to continue their studies in Australia/UK or Ireland. Even if you are a Canadian who is currently living and working abroad, we support you as well.

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