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Personal Qualities Assessment (PQA)

Here’s some helpful information on the PQA test required by the University of Adelaide (Dentistry and Medicine applicants only)

The Personal Qualities Assessment (PQA) is an instrument designed to assess a range of personal qualities considered to be important for the study and practice of medicine, dentistry and other health professions. Please refer to the Personal Qualities Assessment website for further information regarding the contents of the test.

Your PQA result forms part of the selection into the Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) and the Bachelor of Medicine / Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) and remains the property of the University of Adelaide, Faculty of Health Sciences.

PQA results can only be used for one admissions cycle. Results from the PQA test will determine whether or not an applicant receives an invitation to an oral assessment. If your PQA result does not rank you highly enough for an invitation to an oral assessment, any requests for special consideration for an oral assessment will be declined.

Test Dates & Locations

Canada (Toronto) – Thursday 2 August 2018

Malaysia – Wednesday 1 August 2018
Adelaide – Thursday 2 August 2018
Singapore – Friday 3 August 2018
Hong Kong – TBC 2018

Applicants are advised that only results from tests taken at these locations on this date will be considered by the University.

PQA Fees

The fee to sit the PQA test is AUD $500.00. Payment must be submitted to complete a valid registration.  For applicants with completed studies, payment is due by closing date 30 June Australia time.  For applicants who are waiting for final results (ie: highschool students), PQA test payment is required by 30 July.  An applicant will be refused entry to sit the PQA test if payment has not been received correctly. Payment is made via credit card and no late payments will be accepted.

Cancellation of Registration

An applicant may cancel their registration but please note that the PQA registration fee is non-refundable.

PQA Frequently Asked Questions

  1.  How do I pay the PQA fee?
    • Payment of the PQA fee is made at the time of application by credit card.
    • KOM will guide you through the payment process.
  2. Can I opt for an alternative PQA venue after it has been booked?
    • Only if there is availability at an alternate University venue on 5 August 2015
  3. What is the appropriate dress code for the PQA?
    • Smart casual wear is appropriate.
  4. Are there any practice tests available for the PQA?
    • Applicants do not require any specific preparation or knowledge to undertake PQA however the PQA website has example questions to view.
  5. Can I bring a dictionary into the PQA?
    • No, a dictionary is not allowed into the PQA venue. It is an assumption that the applicants vocabulary skills are at the required level.
  6. I did the PQA last year; do Ineed to do it again?
    • Yes you must sit the PQA test again, results are only valid for one admission cycle.
  7. Can I know my score for the PQA?
    • The University of Adelaide does not release individual results to applicants.
  8. How long does the PQA take?
    • The PQA is three hours in duration