Here’s some helpful information on the UCAT ANZ test required by some Australian Medicine/Dentistry program at our partner universities 

The University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT ANZ) is an admissions test used by the UCAT ANZ Consortium of universities in Australia and New Zealand for their medical, dental and clinical science degree programs.

The test helps universities to select applicants with the most appropriate abilities and professional behaviours required for new doctors and dentists to be successful in their clinical careers. It is used in collaboration with other admissions processes such as interviews and academic qualifications.

It is also an opportunity to stand out from other applicants and demonstrate aptitude for a demanding program of study.

Test Format

The UCAT ANZ is a two hour computer-based admissions test delivered in Pearson VUE test centres throughout Canada (also availabe in Australia, New Zealand and other locations worldwide).

The test assesses a range of abilities identified by universities as important to practicing in the fields of medicine / dentistry / clinical sciences.  The test consists of five separately timed sub-tests, each contain a number of questions in a multiple-choice format.  Once started the test cannot be paused for a break but before each sub-test there is a 1 minute instruction section.  The test form is selected at random and within each subtest questions are presented randomly, ensuring each candidate’s test experience is different.

Sub-sets are:

  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Decision Making
  • Quantitative Reasoning
  • Abstract Reasoning
  • Situational Judgement

Test Dates & Locations

The UCAT ANZ test will be held during the months of July/August.  Tests centers in Canada can be viewed in the Pearson VUE booking system (locations may include: Vancouver, Calgary, Kitchener, London, Toronto and Ottawa).  Students are advised to register early as spots can fill up quickly.

  • Bookings open early March
  • Registration deadline – Mid May
  • Late Registration deadline – End of May
  • Registration for the test must be done directly by the student via Pearson Vue website
  • Results will be sent directly to the university by early September
  • Results of UCAT ANZ tests are only valid for the upcoming admissions cycle (ie: UCAT test taken in 2023 only valid for 2024 intake)


The registration fee for the 2023 UCAT ANZ test  is AUD $395.00.   The fee is payable at time of registration.

Cancellation of Registration

If you need to change your appointment please see information on rescheduling and cancellation 

UCAT Frequently Asked Questions

  1.  How do I pay the UCAT ANZ fee?
    • Payment of the UCAT ANZ fee is made at the time of application by credit card
  2. Can I opt for an alternative UCAT ANZ test date after it has been booked?
    • see rescheduling and cancellation information (above)
  3. What is the appropriate dress code for the UCAT ANZ?
    • Smart casual wear is appropriate
  4. Are there any practice tests available for the UCAT ANZ?
    • Your are encouraged to review the prep material on the UCAT ANZ website
  5. Can I bring a dictionary into the UCAT ANZ?
    • Nothing is allowed into the test room apart from the indoor clothes worn and any permitted comfort aids
  6. I did the UCAT ANZ last year; do I need to do it again?
    • Yes you must sit the UCAT ANZ test again, results are only valid for one admission cycle
  7. Can I know my score for the UCAT ANZ?
    • You will have access to your UCAT ANZ score report within 24 hours
    • Your results will be communicated to the university by early September
  8. How long does the UCAT ANZ take?
    • The UCAT ANZ is two hours in duration
    • Once started the test cannot be paused for a break but before each sub-test there is a timed instruction section