Why Study in Scotland

Why study in Scotland

Scotland has a world-renowned education system, top-class universities and a reputation for producing creative thinkers. That’s why more than 40,000 international students from over 180 countries choose to study in Scotland every year. You could join them. Find out more here.

International students in Scotland have access to the Scottish National Health Service, so they are not required to pay health insurance premiums while studying in Scotland – Free Health coverage for International Students

Did you know that Scotland has more world class universities per head of population than anywhere else in the world? With a tradition of excellence with over 500 years experience of higher education, Scotland’s university sector offers unparalleled quality of choice including 19 world class institutions. Scotland is proud to offer the highest rates of student satisfaction in quality of teaching in all of Britain. Scotland’s universities offer their graduates the highest rate of employment of further study in the whole of the United Kingdom (UK).

As a country, Scotland has a rich diverse history and culture which differs considerably from the rest of the UK. Many international students who chose to study in Scotland become the envy of their friends because of the warm welcome they receive when they become part of the community.

Students are drawn to Scotland not just because of the top universities here, but because of the high quality of life. The country offers a wide variety of culture, entertainment and shopping opportunities to international students, and on top of that they can boast a low crime rate and a temperate climate. In a recent survey, 86% of students said that they would recommend the Scottish experience to others, and 91% said that Scotland was a good place to be.

Scotland is also the proud custodians of some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. The Scottish countryside offers a wealth of opportunities for thrill-seekers, from white-water rafting and skiing to mountain biking and walking; and you can do it all in some of the most magnificent scenery you’ll find anywhere on earth.

Scotland’s fantastic travel infrastructure means that getting around is easy; whether you’re travelling from halls to lectures or heading out to one of the country’s world-famous heritage sites for the day, our excellent public transport system can do the job.

World Class Universities

There are a whole host of reasons to study in Scotland. We are home to some of the most prestigious universities in the world. Scottish universities are internationally known for their high quality research, and some of the most world-changing discoveries have been made in Scottish universities, including keyhole surgery and the MRI scanner.

Scottish universities also offer diverse learning options, flexible courses, and a varied approach to education. In Scotland, you’ll learn in lectures, seminars and tutorials, as well as utilizing new technologies such as online learning. Each university will teach a unique syllabus – no two courses are the same!

International students love Scotland for its diversity. More than 11.3% of students currently studying in Scotland come from other parts of the European Union, and 10.1% come from the rest of the world!

Of course, the main reason you’re going to university is your career – and that’s why high employment figures are so important. The quality of Scottish universities, and the quality of their graduates, has led to Scottish university graduates being highly successful.

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