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Our webinars provide you the opportunity to talk directly with KOM and overseas university staff online. Get a better understanding of programs, entry requirements, application processes, lifestyle and experiences that await you.

Our sessions cover a wide variety of areas, so check back often for a list of upcoming events or register today and we’ll keep you informed of all the events!

You can also request a webinar on a specific topic or program area that is not already listed, by sending us an email or calling; info@komconsultants.com or 1-877-318-8203. We will do our utmost to accommodate all your requests.

How it Works

Topics to be discussed, along with date and times are listed in the upcoming webinar tab. To participate, click to register and complete the webinar registration form. You will be sent a user name and password for the session you have expressed interest in. You can be assured there will always be KOM staff members available online during sessions to assist with any questions you have during the sessions.

How to Participate

Upon registering, an email will be sent to you with your specific login and password for the session you have shown interest in. Log in the day and time of the event to participate. An email reminder will be sent to you prior to the session.

NOTE: There is no limit on participants, so spread the word and invite your friends!

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Previously Recorded Webinars

Previously Recorded Sessions

DescriptionEvent DateAccess
General Session - University of Gloucestershire March 2, 2015 Register
Medicine - Western Sydney University June 18, 2015 Register
Medicine - Western Sydney University May 4, 2015 Register
Pharmacy - University College Cork September 21, 2015 Register