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    Note: Students holding or applying for Australian or New Zealand citizenship must apply as a domestic student. Contact the KOM team for further information on domestic application procedures.

    Note: Leave blank if you don’t currently have a passport.

    Congratulations on taking the first step in your academic journey abroad!

    Important: Remember to check your junk mail in case our emails accidentally end up there!  Please ensure to input details correctly as this information will be used by the KOM team to submit your applications to the overseas schools.

    KOM has simplified the process, enabling you to apply to numerous schools using our single application form. Once submitted, a KOM admissions officer will contact you with a comprehensive list of supporting documents needed to finalize your application(s).

    Since 1991, KOM Educational Consultants have helped more than 15,000 students reach their academic goals abroad. Our dedicated team is available to support you at each stage of the process, ensuring a smooth journey without any oversights. The best part is that our services and assistance come at no cost to you!