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Canadian college to university transfer programs in Australia.

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Unlock your potential: Study in Australia for limitless opportunities!

Unleash limitless possibilities

Join seamless college to university transfer programs in Australia, immersing yourself in renowned universities, a diverse range of studies, and a welcoming culture. Enhance your resume with international student experience, while relishing a carefree lifestyle amidst breathtaking landscapes and pleasant year-round weather. Discover Australia’s vibrant cities, stunning beaches, and captivating facts. Start your adventure today!

Consider Canadian college to university transfer programs in Australia for:

  • WORLD CLASS Universities
  • WIDE range of study choices
  • 3rd most popular international student destination in the world
  • CAREER benefits – international student experience on your resume and in job interviews
  • STANDARD of living is amongst of the highest in the world
  • SAFE multicultural and lively society
  • CAREFREE Lifestyle
  • PLENTY of warm sunshine year round – beautiful weather and landscapes

Uncover the wonders of Australia: vibrant cities, breathtaking beaches, and fascinating facts:

  • Australia has a population of 24 million
  • The currency in Australia is the Australian dollar
  • Major cities in Australia, including Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, and Adelaide, are coastal, while the capital city Canberra is located inland
  • Australia is equivalent in size to the continental United States
  • Australia is both a country and a continent, surrounded by the Indian and Pacific oceans
  • It ranks 12th in the world in terms of economy and had the 5th highest per-capita income in 2014
  • Australia boasts over 10,000 beaches, allowing you to visit a new one every day for more than 27 years
  • There are more kangaroos than people in Australia
  • Burger King in Australia is known as “Hungry Jack’s”
  • Voting is mandatory in Australia, and failure to do so results in fines

Canadian college to university
transfer programs in Australia.


Griffith University

Griffith University, represented by KOM Consultants, offers exceptional credit transfer options for Canadian college students. With a history of over 20 years, it is the top choice for Canadian students seeking an international education. Griffith University provides a comprehensive range of degrees and accelerated pathways for diploma graduates. Located in sunny South-East Queensland, Australia, with campuses in the Gold Coast and Brisbane, students can enjoy a vibrant beach lifestyle or an urban experience.

The introduction of trimester teaching allows for faster degree completion. Trimesters start in February, July, and October, subject to program availability.