Undergraduate, Postgraduate & Professional Degrees

Graduating Students with a University DegreeThe educational systems of a foreign country can seem complex and unfamiliar at first, especially as each country has its own unique structure. Australian universities offer undergraduate Bachelor degrees in as little as three years, or a specialized Bachelor degree in 4 years.

The primary difference between North American and Australian post-secondary educational systems pertains primarily to professional degree programs (e.g., medicine, dentistry, law, pharmacy, physiotherapy, etc.). Particularly, students out of secondary school (Canada) can enrol in Australian university programs, and immediately begin study to enter their chosen profession. This differs from North American institutions, which students typically need to complete an undergraduate Bachelors degree prior to entering a professional degree program.

Rest assured, KOM will consult with both our students and destinations universities on professional degree re-entry pathways, and how students go about planning to bring their education and newly acquired skill set back to their native country. Be sure to ask for details after applying.


Degree Pathways

KOM Consultants offers the following international educational programs to study in Australia & the UK:

  • Full Degree (for Secondary School / High School Graduates)

Full Degree programs are designed for graduating secondary school students. These students would apply for full degree admission into one of our many prestigious international universities to work towards an undergraduate degree (bachelors degree), and possibly continue onto study a postgraduate degree program (i.e., Masters, MBA, Law School, Medical School, etc.). Entry requirements certainly apply, and vary among the various universities.

  • Full Degree (College Articulation- individual assessed transfer credit)

This program is designed for students already attending a university or community college in Canada and have already begun course work towards their undergraduate or postgraduate degree.  Students interested in applying to study for a full degree transfer into one of our many prestigious universities will have their transcripts individually assessed by their desired Australian university or Scottish University. KOM Consultants works diligently with our universities to maximize transfer credit, and to help you along to completing your chosen field of study.

  • Full Degree (College Articulation Program)

KOM Consultants have been able to negotiate Articulation Pathway Programs for several Canadian colleges to allow students entry into several attractive degree programs in Australia. Please, contact us for specific details.

  • Full Degree, Postgraduate Programs

This program is designed for students interested in obtaining a postgraduate degree at one of our prestigious international universities. Whether you already have an undergraduate degree, are about to obtain your undergraduate degree, or are already working towards you postgraduate degree… KOM Consultants is well armed to exceed your every expectation. Whether it’s business, education, law, medical school, biotechnology, engineering, or another specialty… our universities are some of the best in the world.

  • Semester or Year Study Abroad

This program is designed for students who want a taste of the international experience. Upon approval of your home university, credits earned at your destination university may be transferred back towards fulfillment of your final degree. Student choose their classes from a broad range of subjects, attend classes with local students, and have the freedom to participate in clubs, associations, or other activities.