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Flinders University, located in Adelaide, Australia offers a learning environment that is innovative, supportive and provides a global perspective. International students make up 13% of our on campus population of over 19,000 students. University reputations are made on the quality of teaching staff. In 2008, two of our staff became the first and only overseas recipients of a Senior Fellowship from the UK’s Higher Education Academy. In 2004 and 2006, we were awarded the Prime Minister’s Award for Australian University Teacher of the Year. Flinders is located in Adelaide, a city of one million people, and the campus has spectacular, panoramic views across the city and to the ocean.

Support / Research


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Our International Student Services Unit at Flinders University offers many services from study to social, including:

  • Airport pickup and welcome at no cost
  • Help with transport when you are looking to secure permanent off-campus accommodation
  • A general orientation program for new students
  • Referral to services on the campus and in the community
  • Enrolment assistance and much more.

Research Areas

Our strategic investment in projects reflects our university’s key research capabilities and opportunities. Over 90% of our research-active staff focus on areas such as health related fields, the environment, education, culture, the Asia Pacific Region, new science and the social sciences.



Flinders is offering a range of new inspiring courses. If you are interested in studying Digital Media, the Media, International Tourism, Engineering, Environmental Health or Computer Science we have new undergraduate pathways available. For graduates we are launching a new Master of Teaching, Master of Accountancy and Master of Business Administration. Canadian students have shown success in the graduate entry Flinders MBBS program. As well, Flinders University is proud to promote Nutrition and Dietetics programs.

The School of the Environment is proud to highlight special programs to Canadian students. The School brings together geologists, geographers, health sciences, and social sciences disciplines. Here are a sample of Environmental programs offered at Flinders University:

  • Environmental Science
  • Environmental Management
  • Environmental Health
  • Geographical Information Systems
  • Aquaculture
  • Biodiversity & Conservation

Faculty/Program List

Faculty List

  • Education
  • Humanities
  • Archaeology
  • Theology
  • Health Sciences
  • Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Medical Science & Technology
  • Public Health
  • Science
  • Engineering
  • School of Business
  • Social & Behavioural Sciences

Current News

Flinders University latest news

‘Factory of the future’ now open for business at Flinders University

Image from ‘Factory of the future’ now open for business at Flinders University

Adelaide is now home to one of the few Future Factories in the Southern Hemisphere with the opening of the state-of-the-art Tonsley Manufacturing Innovation Hub.

The centrepiece of new TMI Hub is the modular Future Factory. Made in Germany by technology giant Festo, it showcases the latest automation, sensor, monitoring, robotic and cobotic technologies and provides the opportunity for world-class education and training in advanced manufacturing within a research environment.

This includes the Bionic Handling Assistant – a cobotic gripper arm modelled on the structure and function of an elephant’s trunk. …

Perky Pollinators Secure Crops According To Flinders University Researchers

Image from Perky Pollinators Secure Crops According To Flinders University Researchers

Researchers have made a discovery that could help respond to the global decline of insect pollinators, and create a future of greater food security.

Hoverflies?have been found to respond to a number of different floral cues in a new study led by and colleagues at National Centre for Biological Sciences, India.

Nearly 75% of the world’s crops rely on animal pollination, but nearly 40% of our insect pollinators are facing extinction due to pesticide use, …

Flinders University Ecologist Heads For Top Biology Award

Image from Flinders University Ecologist Heads For Top Biology Award

Matthew Flinders Fellow in Global Ecology, Professor Corey Bradshaw, is the recipient of the 2017 Verco Medal.

The Royal Society of South Australia medal is awarded for research that makes a significant and outstanding contribution to a field of science.

Professor Bradshaw is internationally renowned for his research on the processes and consequences of global change; human and climate related changes on ecosystems in the past, present and modelled future.

Previous recipients of the medal include Professor John Long and Professor David Day, …

Diving Into The Secret Lives Of Sharks

Image from Diving Into The Secret Lives Of SharksDiving into the secret lives of sharks


The ‘secret lives’ of South Australia’s white sharks is set to be revealed by a new research project led by one of Australia’s prominent shark researchers, ’s Dr Charlie Huveneers.

The leader of the Southern Shark Ecology Group, Dr Huveneers is specifically looking at white shark predatory strategies and whether shark cage-diving affects the behaviour of sharks at South Australia’s Neptune Islands, the only location where white shark cage-diving takes place in Australia. …

Flinders University’s Award Winning Plaza

Image from Flinders University’s Award Winning Plaza‘s Award Winning Plaza

Lendlease, the contractor behind ’s remarkable new Plaza and Student Hub, has been recognised in the Australian Institute of Building’s 2016 SA Excellence in Building Awards.

congratulates Matthew Gooding, the project’s Construction Manager, and his team who took home the Professional Excellence Award for their role in the redevelopment, recognising an outstanding effort to transform the Bedford Park campus in just a little over a year.

Mr Gooding says the Student Hub presented unique challenges for the local team who worked within the operating university with thousands of students. …

Location:Adelaide, South Australia
Population:1.2 million
Student Population:19,000
Strengths:Health Science (Medicine, Nanotechnology, Optometry)
Campus location:Bedford Park (Main campus in Adelaide)
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